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July 15, 2007


You just have to ask the question:Which is more important to Republicans? An America run under the Constitution and based on democratic principles or an America run by the Republican Party under the conservative ideology?

To rephrase that - Is it an America of the people, by the people and for the people, or is it an America of the Republicans, by the conservative Republicans and for the conservative Republicans.

Every word out of their mouths will be spoken with the intent of convincing voters to elect them. This answers the "Of the conservative Republicans" issue. Then you can watch to see how they govern and it will ALWAYS be "For the conservative Republicans" - and not just neutral with respect to all others, but against all others.

The People? That leads to the suppression of minority vote. The only "American People" are white Republicans with no accent. To allow any others to vote they will treat as vote fraud.

It's really that simple.

the answer is obvious, Republicans block all moves to pull he troops back to the USA.
Some Rep. Senators put forward THEIR bill to draw down the troops - Bush backs down "for the sake of the party" et voila - the Republicans are responsible for ending the war in Iraq and the Dems are left holding the wooden spoon.

@JeffinBerlin: Not. gonna. happen.

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