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July 18, 2007


What, if anything, has happened on Harriet and the issue of contempt? Wasn't she allowed 5 days to respond to why she had ignored the subpoena and then some sort of action was supposed to take place? Maybe inherent contempt charges?


Harriet tried the 'executive privilege' argument again. I don't remember all the details, but apparently the WH is going to use this as their all-purpose excuse for not allowing testimony.

Time to impeach!

So this is one more reason not to have a Congressional recess in August, although Bush may just go ahead and put who he wants in an office, regardless of whether it calls for Senate confirmation or not. He is really just thumbing his nose at the Dems. Either that or they are just running out of people to run the DOJ. Either way, the Dems had better call his bluff soon. Leahy is a nice man, but this isn't the time for nice men.

bush is thumbing his nose at the democrats, but also the american public... if the democrats can't find a spine, they will pay a huge fine.

emptywheel, thank you so much. I have been scratching my head wondering how Dems could begin holding the attorneys at DOJ accountable for these farcical legal opinions.

There are apparently a whole raft of appointed and hired positions that have not been officially and permanently filled. It occurs to me that perhaps it is seen as less of threat t this administration and their cronies to keep them unfilled, meaning fewer people they must control, and a side benefit is that the ones there are so overtasked they don't have time to do their jobs, let along have time to reflect, ask questions, and "cause trouble."

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