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July 31, 2007


Impeach Gonzales

I can't help thinking this moniker is unfair to the Haggis, it being a noble beastie that roams the glens before being culled for Burns Night. Arlen McWeasel, perhaps? Or 'Scots Mist': the man who'll blow 'not proven' smoke over anything that affects the GOP executive?

Nah, let him be the haggis.

"he kids himself.."


specter knows what he's doing.

he's kidding the people of pennsylvania,

hoping they will remember his public assertions of righteous indignation and forget his persistent behind-the-scenes support of the bush administration.

if specter runs in 2010,

i hope his opponent catalogs specter's weaselly ways of enabling george bush for eight years.

Senator Spector is holding a town meeting at my county building while he is home in August. I am clearing my schedule so I can attend. I hope the place is packed with unhappy constituants. I will go prepared with questions for the Senator.

Senator Spector is holding a town meeting at my county building while he is home in August. I am clearing my schedule so I can attend. I hope the place is packed with unhappy constituants. I will go prepared with questions for the Senator.

You've really got to wonder what they have on Specter. It is so pathetic to watch him shrink like a violet.


Specktor is running, since mid March. Opened his campaign coffers in good time for grateful donations.


I like how Spector is so enthused about creating the whole drama... the big words on AF1, then the showdown at noon... an old guy playacting....

all that won't amount to a hill of beans.

Honestly, Arlen acts like he can 'rationalize' anything he wants to - including Bush's outrageous behavior - just like he seems to be able to 'rationalize' whatever moral indiscretion the GOP is holding over him.


In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.

Spector was criticized last week for a transgression of political etiquette on Air Force 1 when he criticized Gonzo. IMO this was merely to provide political cover for a deal he was working out with the WH to make the DOJ just go away. If Spector is anything he's a loyalist in the treasonous Republican Party. The MSM would like the American public to believe he is a man of "conscience" but in fact has always supported his party when push comes to shove. It's time the Republican Party suffer electoral euthanasia.

Arlen Spector is a menace to the Constitution. He talks the talk, and then refuses to walk the walk. Instead, he bends over and actually HELPS the Administration come up with new ways to make it SEEM like it is complying with the law without actually doing so.

If he is indeed running for re-election (at one time his health issues made that uncertain) then defeating him should be a priority. As far as I am concerned, the man is more dangerous than any other Republican Senator on the Judiciary Committee, including Orrin "Malfoy" Hatch. At least with Hatch even the average person can tell that s/he is listening to an Administration shill.

I don't trust All-Talk Arlen either, but why would the WH "commit to producing a letter"? They must think it will help, but with these liars, I would think putting anything "on the record" would be a bad idea. So they either have to admit Abu lied or admit they broke the law, right? Neither choice seems like a good one for the parsers. I admit to being curious, but will be working all day so I guess I'll find out the earth-shattering news tonight.

Following up on pseudonymous' theme that is unfair to the haggis . . .

I would go so far as to say that it is just as unfair to the haggis' cousin, the three-toed flunk. The difference is, that while both are equipped to run round the Scottish hills sideways, the haggis's right leg is shorter than the left so it runs clockwise, while its cousin's configuration is the opposite, so it runs counter-clockwise.

It's this unusual kind of exercise that makes the haggis so tasty. In fact, the steeper the hill the difference between the lengths of the legs. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this influences the flavor. Anyway, conoisseurs strongly favor haggises with extreme differences in leg lengths.

Trust me, I'm a native.

tick-tock! deadline passed....

hmm.... I'm thinking the WH likes to have Abu in the hotseat...

Ok, so whether or not Haggis is actually trying to do the right thing (not in my book) what really gets me is... WHY IS HAGGIS THE ONLY MEMBER OF CONGRESS ISSUING ULTIMATUMS TO THE WHITE HOUSE??? Anyone... Anyone... Bueller... Bueller... Did the Dems all cut class to go joyriding, rather than doing their damn jobs? Yep. I'm losing it...

I live in PA and am always amazed we voted in Spector (again) over Joe Hoeffle. A lot of PA used to be part of dumbfuckistan but now only a few areas are solidly red. Although a Dem Bob Casey isn't much better.

Now looking at the Decider,


Everything I've been pointing out my the wing nut acquaintances. What a f*ing mess

?Speaking of Spectre's many standup moments in the recent past, I guess I missed that part of John Roberts' confirmation hearing where they discussed his history of inexplicable seizures.

"the most dangerous republican on the sjc" -

more dangerous than orin "the lizard" hatch?

this sounds like it has the potential for a contest:

most dangerous

most dumb

most deceitful


on sjc?

in the senate?

in the house?

in the congress?

first prize:

a copy of the u.s. constitution,

with certain passages redacted.

... When Gonzo is gone, that brick can NOT be put back in the wall. And there goes Dumpty Dick, and Blathering Bush, and Loard knows how many others. The amount of walled up sewer will wash them ALL the way to The Hague.. The stink will remain for decades, much like the Depleted Uranium in our weapons in Iraq. That is... for a very long time. We might not have Republicans, unless some manage to keep all their percs and reappear. As with the current crop we have recycled.

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