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July 19, 2007


On the level of principle what has emerged in the United States is a cabal of business interests willing to use deceit and violence to hold up the bottom line. If nothing else principle is founded in historical experience allowing an existence in a kind of transcendence of brutal instinct. The irony here is that the totalitarian extremes of both imperial and commutarian idealogies posit the emergence of an ultimate condition in historical time dispensing with the need of inquiry incumbent to history. The neoimperial mindset discounts not only principled inquiry but also the humane values of true ingenuity and enterprise which in modernity has raised the standard of living for all.

Unless the fraudulent and violent aspirations rife in our politics are checked we can expect decades of dark isolation. The challenge of the confidence of the media in the Pavolian attachment to brutality is formidable. We can only hope that the voices of reporters and commentators like Sussman, CNN's Ware, Moyers, Marcy and Josh Marshall can break the spell of the trance built up around the "big lie" and solid leadership will emerge to represent the reascendancy of reason. The human experience with warlords and strongmen is established. The speculation is not strained to imagine Cheney, though he would surely deny it, envying the savage power of the Soviet Politburo. Let us hope more can see that we can do better than that. In the end as a gesture of honor to generations of ancestors who have pursued the emergence of enlightened humanity, the understanding that no idealogy or rationalization excuses wanton agressive violence must be asserted and the tactical gauntlet of reestablishing global comity negotiated. For what will we stand?

Since when did John Fowles become a consultant to DOD?
I thought he was dead.
But perhaps that was just an actor...

Bush's choice today to deny the SCHIP Bill to give uninsured American children better health care-latest example that at every step he cheats the care of his own people in order to fund his lie of a war. And as we've chipped away the reasons, the logistics, the humanity, all that is left of his policies are the lies.

well, at least Bush is finally expressing his ignorance in straight language, he claims he doesn't support the childcare bill because it might take some business away from insurance companies...

I realize Bush's base probably understands the ideological implications that Bush is fronting here, just to make sure his bubbas in the insurance industry get their booty, but the gerneal public will probably consider it "non-compassionate conservatism."

I thought Tony Snow was our own version of "Baghdad Bob?"

lots about this admin makes me dizzy... so much so, I'm tempted to go see the ENT dr.

The redneck base has been told that the extra money for the children's health care bill is to cover illegal aliens.

JEP-thanks for spelling ideological correctly. I even looked it up to double check but didn't get around to making needed changes.

I'm reminded of a quotation from John C. Lilly: "That which you believe to be true is true, or will become true if you believe it."

Such a weird and farcical storyline - an identified enemy is captured, the prisoner turns into a corpse and then poof! mutates into a ghost that never existed!!!! Some powerful magic in that surge.

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