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July 21, 2007


Sounds about right. However cbs just stated that the Generals are now thinking that it may be Nov. before they will know if the "Surge" is working. LOL, whoed a thunk.

yes, that's the "moving the goalposts" strategy. Delay, obfuscate, and hope things change.

For more concreate analysis of what reid did:

At the same time, Reid stunned Republicans when he shut down votes on alternatives that would have given them opportunities to back less forceful measures. The move locked a political escape hatch for GOP lawmakers, denying them opportunities to tell their constituents that they voted for legislation calling on the president to change course.

Reid was smarter in retrospect than some of us gave him credit for, in blocking the GOP Senators' line of retreat. Now he has to hold firm in September that there is no vote on any Iraq amendments without Levin-Reed and Feingold-Reid, which, by September, are themselves going to seem inadequate.

The squeeze on the GOP is worse than you portray it, though, with generals this am saying that the surge has to continue into next summer (with what troops, he doesn't say).

The line here is that we finally have the correct strategy (after Rumsfeld and Casey, the "small footprint" guys, are gone), so we have to let it work. But Casey was trying to protect the military. It isn't clear where these generals are going to get the troops, except for this item that the number of sailors and airmen in Iraq has greatly increased over the last year or two, filling in combat roles that the Army normally would do.

We often rail about the spineless Dems, but truly the GOP takes the invertebrate prize here. Jellyfish is too complimentary a description. The voters had better hold them accountable.

Another comment--there is much talk about the fracturing of the social/religious conservatives from the GOP moderates, but I think another very important fissure we are seeing is the split between the authoritarians and the "leave me alone" wing of the GOP. They are mostly here in the West. They have defected to Independent in droves, and are now in the process of going over to the Dems, if the Dems will play with a light enough touch. This could really bne the fatal fracture, because it is happening in areas with growing population, like AZ and CO.

A hand well played by Reid, and I think played even handed and morally. This was smooth old style politics handled to bring out true color and hurray for Harry.

The Republicans are going to get a rude lesson in the dangers of Goosestepping to the beat of Chairman Bush, during the next election.

At every opportunity, they should be asked if they are going to represent the will of the people or continue to GOOSESTEP to the adgenda of a party that seems to have taken on a communist style of governance.

I've been giving some thought to the use of language to illuminate truth in this struggle and "Goosestepping" is a word that should be used to describe republicans at every turn. The word represents a universal image of totalatarianism, be it communist, facist, eastern, or westen. It also speaks to what they are doing - acting blindly in unison - goosestepping. It's a powerful word that can be used without slipping into more tired, easily dismissed, and less understood words such as fascism.

On a more wingnutty front - I've been considering the term "Chairman" for Bush. It occurs to me that for this generation evocation of Communism is more appropriate than that for Fascism. Consider a phrase, "Watch what you say Chairman Bush may be listening" Imagine that on little signs popping up all over America. It would get the point across loud and clear. We need to find ways to evoke the feeling from Bush's actions that people were programed to feel when our "enemies" of the recent past exhibited the same behaviors.

I'm not great at the detail and research stuff as many of you are, though I greatly enjoy the benefit of your talents. I tend toward the more abstract.

With our disadvantage in the press, we're going to have to get very sharp in the message wars. The public gets the war, but this 5th amendment stuff just doesn't seem to be sinking in with the average citizen. The idea of leveraging past american propaganda to communicate our current internal threat more emotionally through more clever use of language started bubbling in my head this morning, so I thought I'd throw this out for digestion, perhaps it will be found helpful and take root.

I wonder what it cost to print little signs? - I feel an experiment coming on.

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You put it clearly. Impeachment elimnates executive priveledge and opens access to WH and other government records BUSHCO is hiding. With DOJ in pocket the stonewall of congressional oversight will continue. The senate vote exposes the rats and holds them accountable at the national podium televised, the MSM will be hard put not to come clean to America. The world will be watching closely as well. It is a new ball game politically.
Yes the Repubicans will try to move closer to center and a new crop will be ready to replace those with political baggage. And the gullible electorate may give the new crowd a chance if they are not beating the neocons drum. But with Impeachment hearings and oversight committee gearings their is no political cover for the republicans, Impeachment is a kind way of removing these crooks, then the criminal proceedures can start in 2009. Watch them head back into the sewers.
The WH stonewall on needed legislation is another can of worms for Republicans as they have a voting record to defend. They should have put the administration on a leach instead they will be held accountable for the damage done to the Republics reputation and the national treasury. The recess in August gives Bushco manuevering time, do not let that happen.

Someone please tell me that the Senate did not vote 98-0 that "Iran has conducted acts of war against the US."

Is that true? How could these numbnuts not see that's like handing Chairman Bush and President Cheney a warrant to start a war?

Seeing things like that really undermine my confidence that congress has any earnest desire to rain the chairman and his goosesteppers in.

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