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July 31, 2007


p.s. while past NYT Iraq reporting has been criticized for its use of anonymous sources, this one stands to me out for having, weirdly, an anonymous author! "An Iraqi employee of The New York Times contributed reporting."

Having sensational silliness is part of having a free press. The New York Times just issues a correction about Naomi Wolf's role in the Al Gore '00 campaign - it turns out she had NOTHING to do with the picking clothes in "earth tones". If the Basra Gazette issues a correction in 2015 that there were no British super badgers and they regret the error they'll still be a year ahead of The Grey Lady.

Fret not folks. Cheney has known about the Brit's enhanced squirrel techniques for some time now and has launched a a double super secret program to close the squirrel gap. The program, known as ESP for Enhanced Squirrel Program, has been determined by the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel, in an opinion written by David Addington for Albertoad Gonzales' signature, to be fully compliant with SPCA guidelines and laws in spite of the large but classified number of squirrels lost in development. Gonzales, asked about the ESP while under oath in a committee hearing, testified that he really can't remember any double super secret squirrel programs and has no idea how the 150,000 squirrels died in Langley last year.

We have seen this before - you'd better believe it!!!


Am I the only one who believes that spy squirrels and man-eating badgers would make more sense that what we say we are doing?

Certainly couldn't be any less effective now could they?

Five years ago. Maybe the bio weapon was covered under the five year spy law Plame and Fitz got all excited about(sorry, that was planned and we all know about Harvard and all those spies) . The squirrel has been caught and killed, maybe it's wrong to talk about him like that.

As far as the bio terror, maybe it's a trade for what women do to men. Anyhow, alot of money is going into the new counter anti bio terror lab and States are competing; bad time to mention the five yer law.

WO - If Squirrel is involved, where is Moose?

You know, squirrels have been spotted here in Michigan. Rumor has it that the Repug State Party HQ staffers are training them up and using them to nibble through the Internet cables for well known liberal bloggers.

Still, the NYT does the administration's bidding, by running that misleading data mining tripe, and NOT the real story: Comey's objections were to the use of American grey squirrels to spy domestically. Of course, following a bad experience at summer camp as a child, he'd always hated Wisconsin, so he had no objection to genetically engineering the man-eating badgers.

here's one of the squirrels

here's one of the squirrels

Wait a minute, Lee. AS they say in a little community east of me "Now, that ain't no squirrel!"

Wait a minute, Lee. AS they say in a little community east of me "Now, that ain't no squirrel!"

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