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July 02, 2007


AP is reporting that Shrub has commuted Scooter's sentence. I hope we get real outrage from Congress.

Marcy - OT but too important. Will Pat Fitzgerald do anything now that Bush has commuted the sentence? Will Leahy? Has Shrub gone too far?

per NPR - Bush commutes Libby's sentence

looking for a linky

Motherf@cker! My wife called me from the car to tell me Bush commuted, I didn't believe it, yet there it is. Fred Hiatt is pleasuring himself as we speak.

All hell breaks loose tomorrow.

Chickenshit. 5:45pm, 24 hours before a national holiday.

Straw that breaks the camel's back moment here?

I hope PF has a press conference tomorrow to denounce this move for what it is.

Bush is done. The GOP is done.


And, in the midst of all this carnage, this is also a fine nugget youy've uncovered EW. I suggest reposting next week after the Scooter-mania subsides.

Let's remember too, Bush can still pardon Scooter when he goes out the door (I refuse to say Jan 20, 2009 anymore - it could be earlier). The clemency/pardon power is not an either-or situation. As someone who has had clients denied pardons after sterling efforts to rehabilitate themselves, from offences as minor as marijuana possession as a young adult, this is extraordinary and may indeed be the Sat Night Massacre moment for Bushco.

is it finally time for pitchforks and torches?

Trolls emerging in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1...


that's precisely the question.

pitchforks and torches is all that is going to put an end to the bush admin's conduct.

this may be the most brazen thing the bush boys have done yet -

well, maybe not. lying the u.s. into war probably tops all others.

that the records were ordered destroyed though makes clear that the dod/whitehouse understood how damaging these records would be if revealed.

wait a minute.

u.s. northern command?

didn't that command feature a general who wanted to have u.s. military (special ops (?)) available in the u.s. to operate on american soil.

only the cheney/rumsfeld monster would be crazy enough to authorize a program like this.

Pl cross-post at dKos as well. This is REALLY crazy. What do they mean "was deleted in June 2006"? By whom?

Bleh....Bush who doesn't bat an eye with obvious US judicial injustices, pardons his cronies.

Ptoooey! We need the Dems to start impeachment proeedings. These guys are WASPY Mafiosi without the Italian charm.

As an infamous criminal once put it 'Delete does not mean delete'. Subpeona the servers, get the logs, and the programs, can be reconstructed. Programs are only gone if they take hammers to the hard drives.


when you get a moment to breath, could you correct or finish the sentence that begins (and ends) :

"70% of cifa staffers...."


the chronology you have put together brings to mind josh marshall's comment at the beginning of the u.s attorneys firing scandal,

that the other usa firings were timed to occur with carol lam's firing in order to obscure the importance of her firing.

certainly, the fact that lam was told by "main justice", after requesting some more time in office to finish her work on cunningham,

"you can't have one day longer."

suggests that the white house was very, very concerned about what her persistence would uncover.

in light of recent press reports, i infer that

"whitehouse" is equivalent to "dick cheney" and his merry band of political vandals scooter libby included.

I know a big safe in an office in Washington, a man-sized safe in fact, where all of these secrets sleep at night, comfortably and in the deepest darkness.

Did SMARTECHCorp or GovTech have any involvement in the contracts?

The two guys running it - resign; are they relevant names that we would recognize?

TOP NOTCH -- on Hardball -- envigorating to have David Schuster as an anchor -- you had the three pundits dropping their jaws -- and stunned with your comments.

Pincus April 25th

The agency's size and budget are classified, but congressional sources have said that CIFA had spent more than $1 billion through last October. One counterintelligence official at that time estimated that CIFA had 400 full-time employees and 800 to 900 contractors working for it.

Last August, CIFA Director David A. Burtt II and his top deputy, Joseph Hefferon, resigned in the wake of a scandal involving CIFA contracts that went to MZM Inc., a company run by Mitchell J. Wade. Wade pleaded guilty in February 2006 to conspiring to bribe then-Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif).

In written responses to questions from the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing in December, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates pledged to look "in greater detail" at CIFA's activities.

Don't let this die under the Libby glare - resurrect it in a couple days. Nice nice job.

In the Intro to the Report it says of 1,100 odd reports examined by the Inspector General, some 334 involved US citizens and of those 75 were connected to to some sort of questionable act including destruction of property, or other potentially criminal behavior. Then it says these 75 cases prove the value of having TALON as a tool. OUt of 1,100 or so cases.

Please don't let this fade under our current outrage, ew.

Well spotted - btw didn't Jeff Gannon report for Talon news?

You might want to add in your time-line the search warrant executed in May 2006 for the home and CIA office of Porter's buddy and 3rd in command, the recently resigned "Dusty" Foggo... Wasn't he in logistics and procurement before given that nice promotion?

The string of coincidences that we see with this mutant version of the GOP is nothing short of miraculous, miracuoous, I tells you.

Thank you, emptywheel for this report (surfed on in from Josh Marshall's site).

From February, 2007 on, I became convinced that the attorney firings were to cover the firing of the one attorney that was giving the Bush machine more than they could cover up. The indignation over this firing should never cease until every stone has been turned to uncover every theif and treasonous operative that threatened the liberty of every American! It may take a mob of protesters to herd these scorpions from their scorpion ranch and into the fire! Until then, this incredible reporting has done the job quite adequately! Thanks!

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