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July 24, 2007


This is such good news and a wonderful start to the day.....Thank-you to ALL who worked so hard for this day :)
See little people can and do make a difference, we just have to keep the faith...

A very small thing, but a very good thing. We should all be thankful when the forces of darkness are pushed back, even just a bit.

Excellent news. I note that it was Ms. Sarkozy and the EU Commissioner riding out of Dodge with the liberated. There was a time when the US would have been front and center on something like this. I am curious what role our government played, if any, in today's release; or, if like Cheney with Vietnam, "we had other priorities" and couldn't muster much involvement.

Didn't the EU effectively pay a ransome of some 400 million dollars? For that much money, you would think they could have bought a whole lot more than a doctor and five nurses. From the wapo:

Last week, Libyan authorities commuted death sentences against the medics to life in prison following a deal to pay about $1 million to families of each of the infected children. The money was reportedly paid through a special fund created in 2005 by the Libyan and Bulgarian governments, under the auspices of the European Union. Libyan officials said the money came from European countries and charitable organizations, as well as from Libya.

Sarkozy on Tuesday denied that European nations had bought the medics' freedom.

"Neither Europe nor France has made the smallest financial contribution to Libya,"

That's funny. Because it sure seems like the deal went like this: EU agrees to pay Libya $400 million, Libya pardons and releases six prisoners, prisoners go home. Explain for me again how this isn't an example of "European nations [buying] the medics' freedom?"

And bmaz: not that I'm a total cynic, but we just don't value American doctors that much.

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