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July 22, 2007


Worry not, you correctly diagnosed the Miller appearance on Hardball. I am not one of the absolute Matthews haters; sometimes I think he is actually pretty good, other times very bad. An uneven mix. The Miller bit was literally enough to make a sane person puke.


hey, she is a working girl. Why begrudge her making a living?

Matthews probably only presented the glamourous and exciting stuff about her.

I stopped watching Chris Matthews ever since the Mission Accomplished gushing.

Its really a sign of the times - here we have Judy Miller who played an important role in disseminating propaganda to deceive the American public on matters of war and Bill Kristol who has zero credibility as a prognosticator but another propagandist and traitor being feted continuously in our corporate media.

Every time I see this I keep asking myself - how close are we to dictatorship?

Yep, Jodi. Well put - "shes a working girl" (a whore) just like you.

When you're right your right. I've heard vaseline is helpful when pulling one's foot out of one's mouth.

why should he? he conveniently overlooked his own book publisher's relationship to the recent Coultergeist book (hmmmm, same publisher) when he brought her on to his show under the guise of "she sells books" (that my publisher wants sold, went unsaid). It is a class of economic whores that tries to mask their dealings from the rest of us as they feed us their pap crap.

- wf

Koch Family Foundations?

Judy's in heady territory now...

wasn't it the Koch brothers who;

...sued each other in court for a billion dollars?

...were given the only legal contract to continue making R-11 refrigerant in the waning years of it's legal use?

...control the Kansas Chamber of Commerce?

And the one I am curious about, but do not know for certain of...

married one of their daughters off to George Bush's brother, the one who had dinner with Hinckley's brother the night before he tried to assassinate Reagan?

I am not sure about the last one, but I know one of the Bushes married one of the Kochs, maybe it was Bush's sister married one of the Koch boys, maybe someone can elucidate here...

My point is, I guess, that these neocons have made a fortune being Bush's bubbas, at the expense of our environment and small-business, and now they are rewarding the media hacks who enabled their war with some of those billions.

Just curious, how long has Jodi been commenting here, anyone remember?

Is this a recent development?

I'm seeing conservative spokespeople all over the blogs lately, jumping on the first comment of every post, and instigating a lot of vehemence that is distracting us from more-productive commentary.

And why is it they seem to be watching for every new post, and getting the first comment every time, if it wasn't vewry deliberate and concerted?

When was the last time Jodi or Jake wasn't the first post, or one of the first, here and over at TPM? Doesn't that seem a bit co-incidental?

'scuse me for tinfoil hat tricks, but something's rotten in Denmark, and I think it is quite deliberate.

Over and out...

Yes, Doro Bush, Barb and George HW's daughter married Robert Koch at the chapel at Camp David during the summer of 1990. She had previously been married and was divorced.

According to the highly accurate Kitty Kelley, Doro's dating after her divorce was rather masterminded by Barbara Bush, but BB's first choice was David Drier, with whom Doro apparently went out for a year, but who disappointed her as he made absolutely no romantic moves. Drier is a not so secret Republican Closet type who regularly votes against Gay Human Rights issues.

Kelley does not go into how Doro met Koch, but once they started dating, BB did everything to promote the relationship. (Invites to WH Dinners and all that). But this Koch is not the Gas family Koch -- he is a Democrat, and before marrying Doro, he worked for Dick Gephardt and Tony Coelho on the Hill, something I doubt seriously any of the Oil and Gas Koch's would ever do.

Colin McEnroe of the Hartford Courant has a bit on Judy in light of the NYT "scoop" review of the new Harry Potter:

"Miller wrote, or co-wrote, a lot of the Times stories leading up to the invasion of Iraq, and she proved to be as spirited and colorful a fabulist as Rowling. Miller's Iraq was a place as wondrous and horrifying as Voldemort's condo complex. There were turbaned hobgoblins shouldering and elbowing for space in the nuclear crack houses and the minaret-topped biolabs. The liquid VX warlocks were snatching beakers away from the anthrax wizards who were bartering for centrifuge time with the atomic yellowcake Beti Qroqurs. Iraq was full of dungeons ... and dragons.

One article, co-authored with the still-inexplicably-trusted Michael Gordon, quoted an Iraqi source to the effect that "all of Iraq is one large storage facility for weapons of mass destruction," which pretty well summed up the Times' and Miller's reporting on the subject but did not, alas, sum up the truth.

In fact, it was all a lot of hooey."

Read more Colin McEnroe. He's hooey free.

"something I doubt seriously any of the Oil and Gas Koch's would ever do."

Learn something new every day...

Jodi, jodi, jodi..........

"most of the men in the field think that harsher methods do work with stubborn or well trained resisters."

Do you have the transcripts of the interviews? How is it you have that information?

BTW, until you answer, I will be asking you these questions each time you post your 'salient' comments, Jodi

Somebody I know just got back from the Bohemian Grove. It's less select than it used to be, but he was hanging out with wonderful folks like Kissenger, Rumsfeld, George Schultz (still alive) and others... including Chris Mathews. I actually don't care about all of the old guard doing their old guard thing, but the part that bugs me is Mathews. Why would anybody pretending to be a journalist go to something like this? But it's not surprising, of course.

damn, e'wheel

there's no end to the stakes

that need sharpening -

and driving.

these bastards never die;

they just multiply.

there's no "nightly news" anymore;

everything is just show biz.

well, at least we know now that miller was a right-winger.

so, too, i suspect is bill keller, whose daddy was an oil man, if i am recalling correctly.

the ny(twi)times ombudsman was opining about the "great" nytimes and its great family tradition.

doesn't he know that the nytimes as a great newspaper died around 1939, if indeed it ever lived?

the times uses ny city like guliani uses ny city - to establish its "importance".

the nytimes is not "the paper of record" anymore than david broder is "dean" of the washington press corps.

sham titles, both.

with about as much standing as a mexican driver's license.

Wow. You mean Arianna wouldn't give her a spot at HuffPo with Matt Cooper, Murray Waas, and the Libby juror?

Such a pretty sight when the aspens blossom in Manhattan


I've heard the best punishment is not to stake them, but to fill their mouths with garlic and rebury them. Garlic keeps them from rising again, but they can't die either.

The Koch's would be those Koch's and The Scaife would be the Richard Mellon variety that single-handedly funded the "investigation" into the "murder" of Vince Foster. Judy's mother must be so proud.

And re: the wingnut monitoring of every progressive Website and blog out there -- given what Fox just did to YearlyKos, they must be scared. Very scared. The surveillance will continue and expand.

As ab initio suggested, the word "dictatorship" often does spring to mind. I had one moment during Saturday's colon clear-out when I said to myself, "This couldn't be part of a plot, could it?" How pathetic that could even enter my mind.

quote from Dismayed at 16:44 (July 22)

"Yep, Jodi. Well put - "shes a working girl" (a whore) just like you."

So working girls and there are many of us are "whores?"

I am surprised even a nasty mouthed person like you would say that in public.

we have brewed a big cup of shut the fuck up just for you, jodi.

please drink liberally from the cup of shut the fuck up.

Nice try, Jodi.

There are working girls, and there are "Working Girls".

You and Judy Miller wear the same sized shoes. But I think she gets paid more for the tricks.

And now I will return to my policy of ignoring Jodi. I regret lowering the discourse, and acknowledging her always lowers the discourse.

Oh this is just too perfect:

Wingnut Welfare

I was wondering why I have been besieged with sudden new TV sightings of The Return of Judy. I welcome the war monger back and hope by now she has fully trashed all her GWB43.com blackberry email to/from Karl Rove since 2001. Would hate to have her dragged through the mud again, exposing now in greater detail all she lied about. What's a girl like her to do when fame's a callin?


btw, who is this jodi person here? Y'all must have an extremely tolerant policy toward trolls. She seems like a piece of work:


I think it's wonderful how the free market system has applied itself to blogs, and I hope they are paying you enough! http://www.rentatroll.com/

I have noticed the same phenom on c-cpan...the callers have been unbelievable given the polls. Mind blowing, in fact.

The administration is working very hard at not letting thier unpopularity become too obvious. And amazingly it works to some degree. It's hard to gather how much dissent is fomenting out there when these glowing statements are sprinkled liberally between the rage.

There is no possible way, given the polls that the number of call ins and the complete "support" can be accurate.

It's scary. Like living in U.S.S.R. or East Germany. I have these UH MUH GAWD!! moments where it hits me. Our lines are being tapped, we have fake supporters being paid as the money stash grows along with their power to subvert our reality.

Holy shit, it's hard to fight. But we must keep on...

welfare eh? who finances this blog?

You'd have to learn to write... and read.


get real. Your imagination is getting away from you.

As for the polls you think so much of, do you really think they are accurate? Did they reflect the vote in 2004?

As I have said here, I never respond to polls. A pollster can't get through my phone system normally at work or at home. If they do then I cut them off, and tell them not to call again, and hang up.

Most the time at home, I let the machine pick up and screen my calls if I am there. I only have that phone for delivery and service people, and the occasional acquaintance that hasn't got my number. Mainly the people that I do want to talk to, call one of my two cells. Personal and Business.

The above is pretty common to what most people I work with do. DemFromCT will have a hard time taking our pulse on anything.

Nice call, EW. I guess I missed that one.

Ah well. There are soooo many.

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