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July 03, 2007


Bad morning, everyone. Thanks to all those who are thinking of reasons to get through it.
Simple questions:
Are there any sites polling opinion on the crimmutation where one can vote one's outrage, beside MSNBC's?

And can anyone think of a way of tying this to July 4th and asking the Congress to free us from tyranny. I know that the tyrant is George which makes for a better sound bite, but impeaching Cheney sounds like the better bet. And impeachment cannot be pardoned.

And impeachment cannot be pardoned.
Oh, in W's little world, it probably can be...

Sara, you have it right!!

Is anybody mobilizing a phoning campaign -- to media outlets as well as to Representatives, Senators, the White House? This morning's NPR coverage of the "commutation" was itself an outrage -- the whole story was set within an "evenhanded" Republicans say/ Democrats say frame that made "Democratic" objections seem to be merely partisan. Joe Wilson's strong statement was muffled by his being cast as the aggrieved husband. I couldn't believe that the story was so thoroughly contained. I've got my list of folks to call, including NPR. Anybody else? Is there some kind of coordinated effort I could join?

The polls listed here were all still running a couple of hours ago.

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