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July 25, 2007


I it is true what Fox News reporter Carl Cameron reported late fall of 2001 about "alleged" Israeli spying.


This four part report discussed an Israeli organized intelligence group and Israeli owned and influenced telecommunication companies. Amdocs, Comverse Insofy. YOu can go to You Tube and watch the four part report that Fox was forced by the Israali lobby to take off their web site. Go check out the four part series.

The very serious question about "alleged" Israeli spying on the U.S. needs to be discussed out loud. If Irish citizens were detained and questioned about spying on the U.S., if Russians, Poles or Chinese, French or any other individuals came under suspicion for spying on the U.S. it would be all over the MSM, but not when it comes to anything about "alleged" Israeli owned telecommunication systems?

Freepee, I was wonderin where you was at as there was just too much juicy stuff out there gettin unanswered with the appropriate response, ie bitchslap back to the amniotic sac. Deeply sorry to hear about yer mom and I wish you and her the best. My mom just recently had a similar situation caring for her brother (my uncle) who had liver cancer. I happened to call and talk to her the moment just before she went to check on him to find he'd passed.

Peace brother

Michael Ruppert writes in "Crossing the Rubicon" that Brit Hume has been heard to say that the source for Carl Cameron's series on the Israelis was none other than -- Dick Cheney.

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