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July 13, 2007


cept for Utah, the whole country is "In Play" for the Democrats

heck of a job georgie, we couldn't have done it without you


to paraphrase an old Clint Eastwood flik:

Not A Hard Man To Track, He leaves A Fucking Disaster Everywhere He Goes

so how many senate seats did we think we could win 15 months before the 2006 election ???

personally, I think if a Utah Senator ain't on the menu, we could win all 33 Senate races in 2008

but that's just me

btw, I thought we could sweep all 8 close Senate races in 2006 as well. cept for Harold Ford, I was right

Unfortunately, NC does not have anyone running against Ms. Viagra. Pray we find someone that can run or we will be stuck with no representation again.

After the last 3 major elections, I think that any Dem has to actually get 10 - 15% more votes than the Repug just to break even.

Of course I am a little jaded since I live near the House district where around 15,000 democratic voters "forgot" to vote for any candidate in 2006. Coincidentally, that was the race that Cathrine Harris was supposed to be in, but she decided to go for a senate seat that year (with the Repugs protesting her move). That House seat was her pay off for being Jeb BUSH's commissioner of elections in 2000 here in FLA!

One very important result of the last election is that Democrats took several statehouses and Dem Secretaries of State won in, among other places, CA, OH and MN. With the exposure of the Rove plan that involved bogus lawsuits and removing US Attorneys, we will be even better prepared next time. Thre will not be a repeat of 2004, let alone 2000. More likely, they will try to cancel the election.

Notwithstanding the chicanery in your FL district, don't be defeatist. Get out and work for candidates.

As for NC, remember Jim Webb didn't enter the race against Allen until well into 2008. Candidates will appear if the prospects are good, and Liddy Dole don't look good.

One problem recruiting is that staying in the House is a more enticing prospect this time around, so Dem Congresscritters are less likely to try for Senate. But we will have candidates by next January.

I would never have ever guessed that NH would be the state where Bush is least popular, wow. I've been feeling pretty comfortable in liberal MA but maybe I should move up there.

The current Atty Gen. could beat Pat Roberts of Kansas. Roberts is unpopular and Bush is even more unpopular. The Kansas Republican party is being torn asunder by the religious right/moderate split. The Dems need a strong candidate like Morrison, a former moderate Republican who is now the popular Democratic Attorney General.

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Hello All! Very nice JOB!!!

Utah will always support a republican. We're the reddest state known to man, and I can't see that ever changing as long as the earth is held intact.

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George W. Bush campaigned for the presidency promising to be "a uniter, not a divider". Bush has made a strong impression on younger Americans, it is not the one Republicans wanted. Bush has warned that any coordinated international action should preserve free markets but his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, declared last month that the all powerful market that always knows best is dead.

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