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July 29, 2007


FYI. You have been cited, with much approval of course, in this post at this blog

god bless it, can it get any worse?? I know I should not have said that. No lightening bolt, as of the last few seconds. Tin foil hat on.

thanks, bmaz. you can't make this stuff up.

Regrettably this doesn't surprise me even a little. The Bushiviks have been pulling this crap at other agencies (e.g., NASA, EPA) for years. No surprise at all that more WH moles are rooting around elsewhere, I would imagine they are in every single federal agency. Like kudzu, they will take over if unchecked. Hmmm, impeachment anyone?

This reminds me very much of the commissars of the Bolsheviks. Everything must be filtered through the lens of partisanship.

I don't have time today to sort through all the Google hits on such a generic subject, but didn't I read that Rove was successful is establishing a political appointee in every Government agency that has to approve every new policy for that agency? That was only 6 months ago or something. It seemed to be a threshold that changed the overall tone of defiance from the WH mafia.

JohnJ, I think you may be referring to Bush's executive order tightening executive branch control over regulatory agencies. One of the requirements is that each agency have a regulatory policy officer appointed by the president. The order also gives the White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs additional authority over agency activities, sets up new requirements for agencies (including analysis of "market failures" that make regulation necessary), and subjects more of their work to these requirements.

For more info, OMB Watch has been leading the charge on this issue, and we've compiled an info center at The Pump Handle, too.

The House has voted to prohibit OIRA from spending federal funds on the executive order. OMB Watch is asking people to contact Senators and request them to support similar legislation in the Senate.

Thank you Liz. That's exactly what I was thinking of.


In case you haven't seen this, Waxman is on the case:


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