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July 02, 2007


Two oo's, Marcy. On the Loose.

Marcy - I would think that Musharraf was pressured to release Khan by Khan's supporters in the Pakistani military, and there is a significant cadre in the military that are sympathetic to the Taliban. So, who really controls the nukes in Pakistan, Musharraf, the military, or the pro-taliban faction in the military? Next thing AQ Khan will be on the Shopping Network selling nuclear kits. Heckuva job Dick.

Well, everyone knows that Pakistan and the Saudis are our good buddies and don't support terrorists. [/snark]

I've suspected for some time that there are people in both the Pakistani and Saudi governments that are feeding information straight to the various groups trying to overthrow those governments. I'd hope the critical people in our government also have that in mind.

The article said that AQ
Musharraf is under tremendous pressure. (Been reading "Frontline Pakistan" which someone recommended.) But one question is what shape Khan is in. He was evidently recently treated for prostate cancer. (Many people recover with treatment, and some even run for President, so maybe he's ok.)

The resurgent Taliban and probkems in P'stan are much bigger worries than whether Iran is giving munitions to someone in Iraq or whether Hizb'ullah is helping one faction or another in Iraq. But still the fixation with Iran, who doesn't have nukes, and the blindness to Pakistan, which does and is more unstable.

Oops--the first line should have been deleted.

OT - Libby's sentence COMMUTED!!!! Turn on CNN!!!!

Khan and Libby. Who do you suppose poses the biggest threat???

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