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July 12, 2007


From what modicum of knowledge I had about Carmona over the years here in Arizona, I thought he was a mixed bag when he was nominated. Preferable to a lot of the people Bush might would consider, and did consider as I recall; but that was about the extent of the "plus side" of the equation. Now, like Ashcroft, Carmona seems all warm and fuzzy admirable simply because he evidences one microscopic wafer thin reed of honesty and propriety than the other raping, pillaging, plundering, corrupt, backwards, criminal sacks of manure in the Bush Administration. How pathetic we have become for this to be the case.

so what is the count of names on this list ???

Shinseki, Snowe (the tresury sec), Larry Lindsey (Mr $200 Billion Iraq invasion estimate)

is there a competent person who has EVER left the bush administration without denouncing the incompetence of bush's method of placing policy over facts ???


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