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July 03, 2007


it's all part of "the math"

What is the DOD IG doing with something that they've just declared is 'law enforcement'? Isn't that the job of law enforcement, not defense?

(Being cranky here, between yesterday, the weather, and the computer at work crashing and messing up what I was doing yesterday afternoon.)

They hate our freedoms.

Stated another way,
Republicans hate us for our freedoms.

Marcy - agreed, this is just as great an abuse of power as the Libby commutation, and again beyond Nixonian. The databases, no-fly lists, eavesdropping and Total Info Awareness is the new "enemies list", that can never be erased, never be challenged, and in fact, never even known about by the "enemy", who will be fighting ghosts forever at airports, at the DMV, applying for government jobs or contracts, or passports, or anything else in our society where information about one's past activities is relevant, from credit to health insurance. In many ways, the story of the American experiment has been the slow, sometimes bloody, and sometimes tragic efforts needed to expand the definition of "citizen". Beyond property- owning white men, to male suffrage, to Emancipation, to rights for workers, to votes for women, to civil rights for blacks, and now the first stirrings of rights leading to citizenship for the serfs who constitute the millions of undocumented and exploited "illegal" immigrants. I do not think that it is hyperbole anymore to say that there is a systemic attempt not just to rig elections, but also to strip away the privileges and rights of US citizenship by use of the criminal justice system and the other enforecement arms of the government in the ICE, IRS, and DHS.

OT - Marcy, I know I have asked you this before, but given your amazingly effective media bow yesterday, is there any way that you could take on Professor Dershowitz, A.I.? He has a post up on HuffPo where he states that Libby's pard...sorry, commutation, (pardon to come later when Scooter keeps his part of the deal and keeps his mouth shut) is just politics, but it's OK, because Bush has the power to act politically, but PF, and the CIA, and Judge Walton, and the DC Appeals have acted politically by prosecuting Scooter and they are only supposed to act judicially. So, now the line isn't that Fitz was "criminalizing politics" - now, the problem is the "politicization of crime" by the judiciary! Please, please school this arrogant AIPACer in a suitably public forum!!!

Marcy, are there any Congressional hearings planned with regard to the disappeared databases?

given what's been reported here, it seems likely to me that one purpose of the talon program and its siblings was to suppress dissent regarding the invasion and occupation of iraq.

in other words, this spying was for the purpose of getting control of anti-war protests before they could become a public relations problem,

e.g., letting base commanders know when protests would be coming.

if so, this spying is of a kind with other public-relations activities undertaken by the bush admin to control opposition to its invasion and occupation of iraq:

- the refusal to allow publicity about soldiers coffins and funerals,

- authorizing cover-up "investigations" like the report of the senate select committee on intelligence and the robb-silberman report,

efforts to manipulate newspaper coverage, e.g., judy miller,

efforts to cajole and intimidate newspaper editors, e.g., the nytimes lag in reporting the nsa surveillance,

tight controls on weblogs and communications from soldiers in iraq,

intimidation of congressmen using the "this is deepest, darkest national security info - discuss publicly and you too will be rendered" tactic.

on another tact,

i would love to know who the 75 were who experienced legal sanctions of one sort or another.

and whether there was any connection between this program and the new york city police investigation of republican party protests around 2004.

Applause EW (and you can multitask pretty darn well).

It's hard bc the Libby thing needs its due, but this is really big stuff and you have it further down the track than anyone else so far, so thanks for keeping it rolling.

Does this not mean "troups" have been set loose on U.S. soil as law enforcement?

Spying on American Citizens requires a warrant. This is even more imperative in law enforcement than with NatSec. Do you think the cops in your city would love to access information without warrants? Do you think they love going up before a judge to make a showing that surveillence in a given case is justified? Take off those gloves and you've got your own homegrown Gestapo. Not because Americans are bad. It's the nature of the beast. That's why George Washington forbade the torture of captured troops: were it not forbidden, it would occur.
People need to stop saying this is an arguement about whether or not to spy. This is an arguement about who watches the watchers.

Ishmael, Hunter over at Kos takes on Dershowitz, with a bit of scorn

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