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June 12, 2007


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. This is the 'cold wind blowin' that we've been waiting for.

The letter reads with a voice of confidence that we've not seen so far. Very, very encouraging.

Quick someone feed Condi some coal. We'll have diamonds by morning!

under pressure

okay -- clearly, the message to
secretary of state condoleezza rice,
here, is that rep. waxman is gathering sign-
ificant amounts of new information -- in-
formation to be used at her hearing, should
one prove necessary. . . now, to be fair, it
also saves face (and perhaps more importantly,
political capital) -- should she have de-
cided not to honor the june 19 date. it saves
the capital for more important things
. . .

. . .things, like a tall glass of
refreshing "mmmm-peach-mint" tea, (a la
a "tea-party"), in the now-unlikely event
that a microwave-able pardon suddenly appears
for that pesky i. lewis "scooter" libby. . .

[more at the above link; and it
looks like we posted at about the
same time, again, EW. . . he he!]

Under pressure. Ha. Perfect, Joel.

"I hope you will not be inconvenienced by this postponement."

Mr. Henry does snark to perfection.

Always extra exciting when you get ahead of the pack like this, ew. A very strong day thus far. Well rested.

Great stuff.

Uh yes, Henry does snark well. Actually he hopes Ms. Rice will be very, very inconvenienced by this postponement.

I would really, really like to see that "bowels of the agency" quote stuffed down her elitist, lying throat!

Question: I saw Colin Powell mentioned in a couple of newspaper articles over the weekend from some interview. I have never fully understood his role in all this, except that I am left with the impression that the Neocons did an end run and more or less left him sitting in the hot seat.

Has anyone ever tried to find out from him what went on, or is he too good a soldier to spill his guts?

In addition, the CIA and State Department have begun to provide important documents to the Committee.... The interviews, depositions, and documents are illuminating the Committee's inquiry...

Waxman's snark is such a pleasure to read.

my take on Bloch is that he'll do the right thing -- for Bloch, not necessarily for BushCo or for We the People.

oops! wrong thread

was my face red!

Looking around, doesn't seem like anybody has noticed Henry's latest chess move, except for ew. Hard to keep up with the wheel today, but give them time.

this (providing the nation with false rationals for invading) is a very important matter and waxman is being patient and thorough.

i like that approach.

lately it's been bothering me about bush and rice ignoring the attack warnings from tenet and clark in the summer of 2001.

officials at that level would never casually ignore such warnings.


The House Oversight Committee has an RSS feed that keeps anybody who's interested up-to-date on their activities. You can find it at http://oversight.house.gov/review.asp

If you don't do RSS, they also have email updates, but I haven't tried that. I find the RSS feed absolutely invaluable. Well, actually I find Henry Waxman absolutely invaluable, but the RSS feed continually reminds me why.

hey, amazing emptywheel, where can we find your latest guardian expose?


I guess I'm the RSS evangelist today. Subscribe to the feed here:


and you'll never have to ask again.

[No RSS this time, I promise]

I find it very interesting that all the interviewees that Waxman mentions are "former" this and that, but the CIA and State Department have been providing documents. The "formers" can testify without telling Rice, so that part was probably a surprise to her. I wonder if she knew that the State Department was providing documents. As I recall, she tried to object to that. I also wonder if Simon Dodge has testified, but I suspect Rice knows the answer to that either way.

I may be clueless about RSS, but Waxman is my congressman. How great is that?

But before I gloat too far, at the same time I'm very frustrated that the hometown LATimes has had only perfunctory coverage of Waxman's oversight extravaganza. It seems like it would be a very good story to write about the staff of investigators, etc. that HW is running. Instead the local fishwrap keeps leaning rightward and throws out headlines "Senate bars vote on Gonzalez" today. It's not quite the Repub talking point of "this must be over, and get back to legislating," but it was close enough. But we'll see if there's any coverage of the love note to Condi tomorrow.

So I guess the real question is, do any of the LATimes reporters have the RSS feed?

And thanks for the tip. As a complete amateur, I'm happy to follow along after ew, FDL, TPM, etc., and kibitz like this from time to time. But more is better.

Has anyone ever tried to find out from him what went on, or is he too good a soldier to spill his guts?

I have the same Question. Seems to me he was crapped all over and took it like a Man or Woman.

EW I was just getting to email you and ask where can I get my fix of Simon Dodge.

I hope you will not be inconvenienced by this postponement. The interviews, depositions, and documents are illuminating the Committee's inquiry and will provide the predicate for a more thorough hearing with you.

Yes! a "thorough hearing"

On my first pass I read "predicament" but predicate works too.

Was Condi invited to testify or has she been subpeona'd, not that it matters. I don't think she'll show - It's THAT bad.

Marcy, is your booktv panel appearance going to be rerun? We missed it the first round :( I keep looking for it to reappear...Have you been notified of a replay or have another filmed appearance scheduled? vc

Interesting that Ms. Rice and the rest of the Decider's cadre believe that they hold all the cards that count, as if their opponents can try but never truly disrupt their game of modern-day manifest destiny. So it's a pleasure to see Mr. Waxman gaming Madam Secretary, and it's long overdue. Like the rest of her cronies, she's grown accustomed to cheating and I hope she's gonna get caught.

"I hope you will not be inconvenienced by this postponement."

hooooo. heee. hee.

un-dah pre-shawr

I would not be surprised to see Secretary Rice deliver a little payback, and postpone the next meeting at the last moment due to an unexpected World Crisis.

Women do things like that. We don't take kindly to being stood up after being badgered for a date so long.

Personally I would let him cool his heels for a long while. I don't like the looks of that little weasel.

"...and took it like a Man or Woman."
ddarclay, good one. It offended my cat and she ran away. Guess she couldn't take it.

Marcy, thanks for all you do. So much eye candy, I'll be going to the optometrist soon for optimum reading.

Haha, even Jodi sees that "unexpected World Crisis" have awfully convenient timing. Payback? Waxman puts her nose out of joint and she generates a world crisis? Day-um, now that's some power!

I think Jodi is right. Condi has a record coling her heals going all the way back to August 2001 when she was the NSA.

Hey lookee here at the article by the authors of "The Italian Letter" about how Condi doesn't read the intel and doesn't know how to. How many of these folks has Waxman talked to? Condi could really be in deep doo-doo.

Part of the interesting thing about this whole affair is how liberals are all giggly about this, while Condi herself is quite unconcerned. Had she had anything to be afraid of, she wouldn't have treated Waxman as the ambulance chaser he is. Waxman is basically running a witch hunt for Pelosi and the Clintons. However, his game has sort of run out.

Congress' popularity just cratered to 27%. That's what matters, not what Waxman is doing. If this were a popular Congress, passing legislation that meant something important to the average working American, then Waxman might have some mojo to use against Rice. But it's not. It's a Congress that has become, in six short months, up to its neck in earmarks and Bridges to Nowhere under David Obey's stewardship and substitutes subpoenaes for substantive work.

Do you people think you can fool the voters? Has it not registered to you that when Congress falls below Bush in popularity, Condi gets to tell Waxman to go pound sand? She'll defend executive priviledge till the cows come home and nobody in the country will care how much you people scream, because when the Democrats got the chance to govern, they couldn't hack it.

Henry Waxman, you are no Sam Ervin.

When Congress doesn't work, and the Administration doesn't work, the people are going to look for someone to make it work. When Rudy gets elected in 2008, you people are going to be foaming all over your keyboards wondering how it happened. When a party hands the keys to the ignition over to the extremists, then adult supervision goes out the window. That's what's happened to the Democrats.

look what the cat dragged in

"When a party hands the keys over to the extremists, then adult supervision goes out the window."

That I agree with. That's why we called 'em Rubberstamp Republicans.

Wow! A travelling troll. Even more in denial than our usual troll. Stick around troll and read a while before you speak. You might learn something.

Hey all - This sort of flailing attack is what the last hold out of rank and file repulicans is left with. As for MY SMART REPUBLICAN FRIENDS they have recently just shut the fuck up. Oh, how they loved to talk politics 8,7,6 even 5 years ago, but now. They just shake their heads and mutter something incoherent about how power corrupted their party. Someday they'll realize the core was rotten from the very beginning. That is the smart one's will. Section nine will just check out, incapable of observation, incapable of change, clinging to a hollow worldview trembling and afraid.

When Rudy gets elected, it won't matter whether Congress works, because he'll just shut it down. Rudy suffers criticism and opposition even less than Prince Georgie.

Which is why Rudy will never get elected, at least not in the reality based universe. I can't predict what might happen in the Bizarro universe.

Section 8 - There. Fixed it for you. You had your section number high by one. Section 8 is the proper designator for deluded nuts. Thought I dispatched you long ago over at Kevin Drum's place. You will fare even more poorly (hard to believe that is possible, but it is) here. Be gone.

From Wiki:

The term Section 8 refers to a discharge from the United States military for reason of being mentally unfit for service. This term was made popular by the television program M*A*S*H, in which a corporal in the US Army, Max Klinger, attempts for years to get a Section 8 discharge (usually by wearing women's clothing), in order to get out his tour of service of the Korean War.

Ah, a confirmed travelling troll. Sorry, no room under the bridge here.


it is tough being a conservative, having voted for Bush in 2000, and then actually having to use my 2004 vote for an empty suit (Kerry.)

Now one thing I would go whole heartily with along with most on this forum is IMPEACHING THE BASTARD.

... and if my brother dies over there in this Tar Baby, this Black Hole that Bush has created in Iraq, then I might scare even freepatriot.

Given the choice I'd see Cheney go before Bush. That said, if we stand any chance of getting rid of either of them, we have to get rid of a few key underlings that are protecting them first. I can't see why you keep defending Libby. It's abundantly clear he deliberately committed perjury to protect the guys who created "this black hole" in Iraq.

If he hadn't done that we might be discussing Cheney impeachment hearings right now, and I can tell you for sure, your bro would be a lot closer to home. Instead, we're holding our breath hoping we can keep dead eye dick from railroading Bush into bombing Iran. And how in the hell is that going to be good for the soldiers.


it won't.

shit stain, you couldn't scare me if your life depended on it

the only danger you pose to me is the possibility that I might laugh to death from reading one of your posts

you're a fucking joke, and I don't believe a fucking word you say

I don't believe you have a brother

I don't believe you have any concern for America

I don't believe you have any moral values

you're a shit stain, that's the sum of your existence

shit stains don't scare me, they amuse me

nuff said, shit stain ???

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