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June 15, 2007


Cooperation agreement? I don't know; I will try to think through this better when i have some time later today. The mention of the Silberman/Robb Commission struck me, and I should have thought of this earlier. Silberman has been an official fact finder on issues critical and germane to the overall facts behind the Plame investigation. This is much more than the appearance of impropriety, well known right winger, friend of Cheney/Libby type of arguments. His role in silberman/Robb makes him inherently, and directly, conflicted and it would be contrary to the judicial canons of ethics for him to sit on a Libby appellate panel.

The SDUT says this:

But because he is cooperating with federal officials, it is unlikely he will receive the maximum punishment.

But there is no mention of cooperation in the plea deal. Still, given the sentencing date, you'd have to figure they're counting on K as a witness, no?

EW, I know you think that the whole Poway connection is delicious...


Should this line "Foggo steered a CIA water contract and a air services contract to his childhood friend Foggo."
"Foggo steered a CIA water contract and a air services contract to his childhood friend Wilkes."?

Yes indeed, Larry--thanks.

There are many forms of cooperation agreements, it need not necessarily be spelled out in a plea agreement, nor for that matter in any formal court document.


You need to read Laura Rosen's pieces on Kontogiannis - the connection is airplanes --

Also, there is a connection with Foggo - when Cheney ran the Defense Department -- all ties in with Herbert Walker Bush -41,
Nicaragua (sp.?) and Iran-Contra -- and drug smuggling -- read some of MadCowProductions -- and Wayne Madsen --

Foggo has a long history -- of questionable activities --ties with Portor Goss -- and his sudden resignation???

The web of deceit and lines of corruption go way back.

I found this at TPMmuckraker Notice how this comment by Dawn (she says they were trying to kill her)( I like how she admits a preference for "good performance")(would most women admit to the obvious???)brings Michael Hayden & the Russian mob onboard the S.S. Duke Cunningham &&&& Abramoff TOOO.... http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/004704.php.... Scroll down to the comments. How does this all fit into 911 ?? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here is the "smoking" comment:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: "Dawn wrote on November 15, 2007 12:35 PM:

I am a person who routinely attended police charity events (had family organizing many of them--family duty to show my face and be an ornament) where Kerik was expected to attend and unlike Kelly, did attend all the events treating all charities equally with regard to merit. When Police Commissioners attend, the turn-out is far better! The charities serve useful purposes from providing scholarships (merit based) since NYPD's pay has much to be desired, to enabling the PD to streamline procurement by going outside the PD to raise funds for emergency needs. An example of the latter was after 911 NYPD felt it needed portable radiation detectors. The only way the force could learn if they worked was by buying them. This need wasn't envisioned prior to 911, so wasn't in the PD's budget right after 911. The only way to raise the money quickly for the acquisition was for one of the charities to step-up and hold an event to raise it.

I never talked much with Kerik at the events I attended, but he usually was within earshot of me at these events and most of his time was spent working at the events...troubleshooting problems that kept arising. Officers were always coming-up to him at the events whispering into his ear of the latest management dilemna. He was a very hands-on PC; I had several others to compare him to on an interpersonal level over the years, and rated his performance as excellent.

My employer, its CEO and I are caught-up in the Cunningham and Abramoff probes as victims. Both these probes have the Russian mafia as an underlying common thread. Ridge is more connected to the Cunningham probe than Abramoff probe. I was head of government operations for the company at the time Kerik was PC. My audience back then was Uncle Sam, not the Big Apple so I never once discussed the company and its products with Kerik.

General Hayden's (then head of NSA) explanations of why Tom Ridge was pushed from office pertained to my employer and decision we made to become ex-pat (another democracy) days before Ridge was "pushed overboard." Kerik of course, initially was put forth as Ridge's replacement. Almost 4 years ago a contract was taken-out on me--probably because I was the only management team member with money to infuse into the company so its doors would stay open, by the Russian mafia with one of the Italian mob organized crime units in the US that tried to kill me three times between NYC and Rockville, MD in a span of approximately 4 months. For multiple reasons I am pretty sure the contract remains in effect, but my lifestyle changed and no longer am I an easy target.

There is much irony that Kerik, a person who wasn't a stranger to me but was a person I never once discussed my employer with, originally was nominated by the adminstration to undo Ridge's damage with my employer to lure us back home to the US, also had the possible same mob connections that at the time were trying to kill me! There could be far more drama in the Kerik story than any of us realize! In any case, it appears Kerik did wrong before and after he was PC, so this really has become a modern version of a Shakespearean Greek tragedy. He was one of NYC's best PCs ever! People are always focusing on his role when 911 happened, but I watched him in action up close and personal even before and found his performance to be excellent. (Safir was the other NYC PC I found to be excellent.)" End of Dawn's comment............ They have so much to hide and their power to keep the "tent" of secrecy inflated as a cover of the truth will end SOON!!! Well guyz, happy hunting Keep up the GOOD wurk!!! TG

Something wrong with the dating of posts!!! The above comment "I found this at TPMmuckraker.com..... WAS POSTED 04/28/08 NOT 06/16/07 as the board states....WTF is wrong here... is this NSA interference??? &&& maeme??? WTF is that???... I am Thomas Georgopoulis, NOT Maeme.... Again as I said,,Keep up the GOOD work && INVESTIGATE ALL CLAIMS, MINE && THE GOVERNMENTS!!!

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