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June 28, 2007


EW, Do you think the analysis you do on issues like this find's it way into the government oversight process and makes a difference, or is your motive and expectation that by educating the politically-minded public, you can empower and motivate them to take back their government from the people who are using it to fleece us?

Neil, IMHO, I think EW is doing both. As for us, our part is to make sure we take what she uncovers and we run with it--by sending copies to our own Congress critters, to oversight committees, to "journalists," to friends and family until we break through those walls of resistance.

EW, by the way, did you catch this zinger from Charlton about Abu from inside today's WaPo?



Yeah--it's stuff that's been out there for months in the emails. Though if Charlton wants to get chatty, all the better.

EW, forgive me, but this is an EPU from the prior thread. Bush, Cheney, and Gonzales are ready to duke it out over executive privilege, and there are some obvious misdoings that could be used for impeachment proceedings against each of them. My questions are as follows (if you have any answers ;-)):

Am I correct in assuming that since Kucinich has filed articles of impeachment against Cheney that those would be taken up before subsequent articles against Bush or Gonzo? (Asked another way, is there any way that Cheney could become President if Bush were impeached?)

At what point would any of them cease to have any authority? (If articles are filed against Bush, does that preclude him from issuing pardons, etc)?

Who is Booz-Allen, well apparantly they are "Virtuoso's of Outsourcing,"

I'll say. I hope some of that "annual cost" trickles down here in the US. Or, as I am guessing, it is almost all offshore, like in India, China, and all those cheap labor sites. Stick it to the US taxpayer in US employment wage scales, then turn around and hire cheap labor (with NO labor regulations) and pocket the difference.

I don't know where they got the average federal employee salary from, it must include a lot of management types.
A GS-11 will cost the government about $80,000.00 per year, most of the employees hired by DHS will be at a much lower GS level.

CityGirl. Thanks. Works for me.

The costs referred to in the article must include the overhead costs of employees (benefits, retirement, etc.).

No, WO, that is the "cost to government" which included any government contributions to benefits. A cost to Government of $125,000.00 would be for a GS-13 or so. I've taken a look at usajobs.opm.gov and used Department of Homeland Security as a search item. There are lots of jobs being advertised, many of them high GS ranks, but alot of low level ones too.

"...Bush is poised to veto anything that might prevent his cronies from massive profiteering in the name of our national security."

Given the news yesterday about the investigation of BAE and Prince Bandar, you have to wonder whether the group of cronies doesn't include some prominent Saudis.

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just one point: fed employee unions are very weak unions. No right to strike, for example.

There is another sad side to all this government contracting and it isn't just crippling unions.. it's also the fact that civil servant jobs are (were) the path into the middleclass for African Americans and other poor, but educated, Americans. Civil service is an important part of civic participation and it shouldn't just be rich people who accept appointments to government agencies or take jobs in government offices while being applauded for their patriotism for sacrificing more lucrative incomes in the private sector. Cheney's not sacrificing any income from Haliburton- it just has another name.

A comment about GS pay scales: Those new religious law graduates are way above their pay rank. Gives a new meaning to the old expression "good enough for government work".

It's an old story. Union busting is expensive, and those who want to bust unions will spare no expense.

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