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June 14, 2007


The K Street Project has now become the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Project. Of course, I'm sure that there is no potential for information going the other way from the Oval Office to these corporations via Mr. Gillespie. Is there no "cooling off" period mandated by the lobbying regulations for lobbyists going into government requiring them to be an ex-lobbyist for a certain time before taking office, as opposed to leaving government? If there isn't there ought to be. I'm sure everyone here at TNH is tired of me giving examples of how things work in Canada as opposed to the US, we are far from perfect here but we do have some things that work up here that don't mean we are turning into Soviet Canuckistan. I worked in a law firm where one of the senior partners was elected to Parliament and became a cabinet minister in charge of Public Works. Because he was a partner in the firm, the firm was shut out from doing any work with this branch of the government, and had to withdraw from any ongoing stuff.

when is anybody going to comment on von spakovsky's hearing yesterday.

his efforts guiding the bush admin's suppression of minority voting rank right up there with the refusal to grant habeas to padilla

as activities fundamental to generating an authoritarian american government.

any word from ---- on von spakovsky's testimony?

think progress - no

talking points memo -- no

the carpetbagger - yes, but not analytical

the next hurrah - no

fire dog lake - no

left coaster - can't get thru to them

political animal - yes but not analytical

we learned yesterday, there's the juicy aspect that this character is descended from parents who escaped from nazi germany.

can you wrap your brain around that?

the son of nazi refugees is engaged in voter suppression efforts in the united states.

nice touch, hans.

left coaster -- no.

One local silver lining, though -- this leaves the Virginia Republican Party (where Gillespie had been chair for five or six months) scrambling for new leadership in the middle of elections for the legislature.


I need to set up a separate computer to watch the hearing, but I've also got a deadline I'm working on.

So not yet, not from me.


Frankly, I suspect teh VA GOP is better off w/o Gillespie, given his recent record.

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