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June 02, 2007


OT, Valerie Wilson is on CSPAN-2 live.

How long does Ms. Lurita hang on with help of the obstructionists before she bites the dust? Reminds me whatever happened to the Gonzo no-confidnce vote that Schumer and DiFi publicly announced?

ab: I don't know chess, but I imagine there's a strategy where you try to keep your pawns for as long as possible. Gonzales figures into that allegory as well.

this is one of the most interesting swordplay I have ever seen. The complaint of "done's" attorney is really humorous. He seems to be asking the special counsel, "why you picking on my girl here?" he appears to be trying to get a favor from a fellow conspirator. there seems to be a bit of wink wink here in his shock that someone would release a couple reports about wrong doing directly to the public as the law demands. but, "without contacting my client to let her respond?" Funny how he thinks there is some reason for her to have a chance to explain prior to the grand jury testimony that is on her near horizon. Is he working his ticket, or trying to obstruct?
another fine example of how members of the ruling class do not believe that they have to play by the rules. they do not seem able to distinguish the difference between rules and laws. without a conscience, or with such ignorance, with approval from above...... I don't know how to describe such a specious argument. I do think a prosecutor and judge are going to have an easy trial. the defendant appears willing to publicize her crimes, and her attorney has informed the special counsel he has no defense.
perhaps she will get a new trial due to ineffective legal representation? is delay and postponement the goal?
really, the only other thing suggested here is collusion, or the expressed expectation of such by the doan mouthpiece. and after the SC has told him he has this evidence, and that it is public record?

ab initio,
That vote is supposed to happen this week. At least according to Harry Reid.

The Hatch Act, like the Democratic Party, is essentially worthless. The penalty for violation is removal from office. But who will do the actual removal? Not Bush. Not the Spineless Democrats in Congress. So what good is such a law?

The penalty OUGHT to be five years in prison.

The Attorney General of the United States is guilty of several felonies. The SPINELESS DEMOCRATS won't impeach him. Instead, the SPINELESS DEMOCRATS will harrumph a couple times, then go back to sleep.




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