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June 07, 2007


well, I guess it's ok if you do a little mocking here Kagro

but me thinks mr wells had another TNH regular in mind when he made that argument

anywho ...

let the "Mocking" begin

personally, I'd prefer that we proceed directly to the defenestration portion of the program at this point, but I guess we could do some more mocking first ...

I suggest a Show Trial!

Put the letter writers on trial. They will have no right to know the charges, they will have no right to speak on their own behalf or to counsel. Let their words speak for themselves!

Kargo. Don't confuse mocking with satire. You skewered Adelmen at the very heart of his argument. Touche.

here's something we could make fun of:

Never for a moment, on any occasion, did I have any reason to question his integrity, dedication, or judgment. They were always above reproach.

really ???

even after scooter was indicted for 5 felonies, you had NO REASON to question his integrity ???

if that's true, I got GOOD REASON to question your inteligence AND your honesty

let me be among the first to
mock -- truly mock! -- victoria
toensing's letter. i have set
it in a lurid pink
, and then offered

. . .so -- because her
majesty wrote about scooter,
and because no one, i mean,
no.one. -- would decline a
dinner-date with ms. toenail & co.. . .

it simply must mean that
scooter deserves "probation"!

"well -- there you have it!"

q.e.d. -- even a child must
bow before that logic!

'tis stultifying, no?. . .

and. . . my cheney spoof, for
which, regrettably, the REALITY
turned out to be far, far worse. . .

or my commentary on gen.
peter pace's letter
. . .
[hey, these are alphabetical, sorta'!]

okay -- i'll stop there.

great post, kargo x!

dyslexic -- kagro x! dag!

nolo, I love the pink stationery. How better to emphasize such crap??

For those of you who don't have time to read the letters, they all say the same thing. Here's the song:

For he's a jolly good felon, for he's a jolly good felon
For he's a jolly good felon (pause), that nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny, that nobody can deny
For he's a jolly good felon, for he's a jolly good felon
For he's a jolly good felon (pause), which nobody can deny

Great post, Kargo X!

The letters supporitng Libby were truly a joke. (at least the ones that I read) I'm sure most have read Woflowitz's, et al's letters. As I read them I was so pissed off at the authors, I thought if I was Judge Walton I would be inclined to throw-the-book at Libby with the harshest sentence I could muster because of these disgraceful letters that not only ignored the seriousness of the crimes, but in Wolfowitz case seemed to allude to more crimes! And the one letter from someone in the financial industry bragging about his money and extremely wealthy clientele was so utterly offensive in its ignorance and bravado!

And the neo-con, war-profiteering cabal, have only begun to get a small taste of the full-blown relentless mocking they will experience as more of their crimes become unearthed for the public to see. The unraveling of their crimes has only just begun. In 2008 and 2009, it will surely be open season on these criminals!

Not the deconstruction of a particular letter in support of Libby, but did not any supporter mention Libby's literary abilities and his novel? Blecch. They all had to do some pretty fast footwork. . .

I for one can appreciate the value of a good parody tune, Quake. Seems about right here. Which nobody can deny.

Kagro X,

I hope you're not really going alphabetically. It will take way too long to get to Wolfowitz.


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