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June 10, 2007


Ai yi yi. These guys never cease to amaze me. How is it that they can be so inventive at creating new ways of being stupid on such a regular basis? Where will this fuckwittery end?

2008, the You Tube election.

All the Reps contraditions, laid end to end, one by one, district by district, with one Jon Stewart raised eyebrow for punctuation.

During the next year, TNH and FDL folks need to make connections to media and Dem leaders, so that what we all know here becomes actionable in the public sphere.

I just keep wondering what was in that DoJ Bldg that caught fire in March


And I do wish the driver of Cheney's shredder truck had made a stop at Greg Palast's house.
Have a good week Mr. Gonzales.

I honestly have expected Dick Cheney to send a letter over to the Democratic Congress requesting/demanding that they refrain from commenting or making dumb demands on Cheney and the President about an on going criminal matter. i.e. Scooter Libby."

How about getting Coburn's email and office "smacked" with emails and calls reminding him of his wonderful quotes in April to Gonzales about Gonzales needing to resign to put this all behind...?

He might want to be reminded that using S.J. Res 14 as opposed to joining the "no confidence vote" is extremely inconsistent and will run great on YouTube now or later, if he ever runs for office again. Isn't Dr. Coburn up for re-election in 08?

Hmm...more lawyers in the WH...A distraction piece of legislation for a no-confidence vote, and the USAJ story revealing major voter tampering and election tampering...and...well you know the list is LONG and getting LONGER!

EW, Can you get FDL to post a "call Coburn" piece to flood his office with reminders about his lack of consistency?


Classic piece of redirection, not necessarily for our benefit but that of his party. "Look over here at the out of control spending!! (don't look at my no-confidence in Gonzo)".

Well spotted, Neil.

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