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June 01, 2007


Kyl is, has been, and always will be, a douchebag. Unfortunately Arizona Dems can't get it together enough to unseat this guy. Hell, I work here on the Hopi Rez but I can't get involved in denouncing this turkey publically due to my employment but I can suggest maybe Diane didn't get the USA position cuz DoJ don't like Indians. And DoJ and the US Forest Service proved that yesterday when they filed an appeal on the Arizona Snowbowl decision that the Tribes won in the 9th Circuit Court to prevent artificial snowmaking on the peaks north of Flagstaff.

ew: So if you happen to call Kyl's office, you might ask one of two questions.

And when you call, you should say "Hi" to Alberto, Poindexter, Rove, and Big Time, because you know they're all getting a transcript of what you say to make sure that Kyl toes the line. I wonder what they're blackmailing him with to hold him to this line?

Could it be:
(1) Debbie Palfrey's dead hookers in his trunk
(2) Bribes from Abramoff (does he have a boat called "the Kylster?")
(3) Teh Ghey

I'm going to go with door #1 because it's more salacious. So that's a third question to ask: "Senator Kyl, are you being blackmailed by the White House? If you are, but you can't say yes because they're listening, cough three times then hang up the phone..."

calvin's hypothesis for Kyl's being the lone gunman is that he is putting his finger in the dike for other GOPers who would be too embarrassed to do so. In other words, it might affect their campaigns.

He is no more a lone gunman than was Lee Harvey Oswald. There are unidentified co-conspirators. Let's start with Rove.

I adopt everything Matt said above, and will not that that basically means the SnoBowl is dead, because it simply doesn't snow that much there anymore. I am not sure why, because my government tells me global warming is a hoax. Now, EW I've told you all about Kyl before, did you really need to ask the question above? Kyl sucks. It is embarrassing for an Arizonan. But hey, on the bright side, we have McCain. Yeah, well, nevermind........

Arizona's always had freaking awful folks holding offices. Must be the desert or something that dries out their brain cells.

the phone is not being answered. wonder why?
this is a serious obstruction of justice issue, and the senator may find an arrest warrant for such openly criminal behavior. really, put this in order. senator issues hold on bill to protect justice department from having to release documents about criminal behavior concerning the abuse of the rights of the american people. Is there any more classic obstruction of justice than this?

what a fine man he is, hmm?

Kyl has never represented Arizona, only his own interests but isn't that a typical Repug?

Kyl was on the local news complaining about all the BAD things callers are saying who are calling into his office about his support of the immigration bill. Oh lordy the wingers really have their panyhose in a bunch over that! ROFLMAO with whiny Kyl getting the full winger treatment.

Ditto what Katymine said. There's no point in trying to get to either of our illustrious senators. They don't care, never have. And yes, we have certainly had more than our share of wretched representation, but I've noticed that the crazies have a way of getting elected all over this country--which says something about our citizenry, hm?

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