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June 24, 2007


Nobody expected the... [spansh inquistion]
[people to turn airplanes into missles]
[it to be a category 5 hurricain]

At the risk of saying something decidely unpopular at this site, I will offer the following. I know a several "conservative" Catholics, evil pro-lifers all, who are at least intellectually honest enough to admit that being pro-life and pro-death penalty is remarkably inconsistent.

The truth is, it's a terrible mistake to identify one's religion with a particular political party. The Republican Party has exploited that error to the max.

Wasn't Benedict pretty much of a boy during WWII?


Yes, and he actually only joined (at 14) when it became mandatory. But given some of his other authoritarian beliefs, it perhaps deserves mention.

I agree about the religion/political thing. I'm mostly thinking of some who went after Kerry bc of choice, without seeing the irony of supporting the guy behind the Iraq war and some really callous death penalty reviews in TX.

I always heard that patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel

if poodleboy can't even get into the catholic church, I guess it's true

time to start waving that flag, poodleboy


kinda hard to decide which party to laugh at in this "discussion", ain't it ???

It is said that Anti Catholicism is the anti semitism of the Left .Your quip the Pope is a Nazi confirms it .

Pope Pius 12 as Papal Nuncio to Germany in 1930's before being Pope has two murder attempts on his life by Hiltler's Gestapo .The head Jewish Rabbi of Rome during WW11 converted to Catholicism right after WW11 .

Is it just me, or does Benedict sorta look like the emperor from Star Wars?

Um, johnyoo

First, read the link--you know, the details about teh Pope joining the Hitler Youth?

SEcond, don't presume you know my own background. If I'm anti-Catholic, I've got a funny relationship with my mother the Jesuit.

Cuz We're So Good

One of the great advances of our civilization is the recognition that the line between good and evil is not between one group and another group; the line between good and evil lies inside every human being. link

So the question is: How does the Pope explain his own suitability to be the spiritual leader of Roman Catholics - nay the infallible leader of the Catholic Church in matters of faith and church law - given his compulsory membership in Nazi Youth and later induction as a soldier in the German army?

I think Blair feels the need for the sacrament of absolution. Does he know he must be repentant?

That's why he asked the big guy.

My Left anti Catholic friend Hitler eliminated the many thousands of Catholic Youth Organizations ( CYO ) and ordered youths to join the Nazi Youth groups stupid . Yep you confirm the Left's anti Catholicism . You would never slur a Jew right but okay to slur a Pope .

If Poodle does not know about repentance, then he is a long way from becoming a Catholic. And in his case, repentance would most probably have to be very public before he is allowed to convert. With his monstrous ego, which disallows being wrong about anything he did in Iraq, a recanting is not likely anytime soon. But if he did recant it could have a serious backlash on our puppet president, who has gained a whole lot of cover from Blair's public image in the US. I would love to see it happen.

Wow you twist the Pope's defense of Catholic teachings as Nazi yet you do not fit the mold of the Left anti Catholic ?Please the more you drop comments here the more anti Catholicism is the anti semitism of the Left is expressed .Tell me more .

Look am a old time conservative no not a neo con and I detest Bush and his cabal. 1964 was one of the first Conservative Party Bronx Committeemen . Did combat South Bronx as cop.Three gunbattles 1969-70.I agree on almost all of your Bush criticism and wish him , Cheney and Rumsfled could be tried as International War Criminals . But saying all that I am a old time tradtional Catholic and I do not slur nor smear folk of other religions and I would never smear a person of the Left either . So I repeat anti Catholicism is the anti semitism of the Left and it is that way on Firedoglake , m Crooks & Liars and many other Left sites I could rattle off .

Friend retired as a detective and did twelve years New York City Bd.of Ed. last six as a cerified guidance counselor . Got four degrees including a grad and post grad Bklyn College . Did much political activism up New York way for many years .So pushing back with a Leftie Pope slanderer is easy .

Kinda sad you Lefties agree with me about Bush and cabal but you have to revert back to your old time anti Catholicism . Oh well St.Augustine said " Hate the sin but forgive the sinner ". Friend if you recognize sin I will forgive you truly .

paging free patriot-troll alert

Friend must admit you do a good job on this site filling us in on Bush and cabal . Just disregard the back habit of the Left smearing Catholics .

Friend my two brothers and sister all were conservative activists and we all detest Bush and his gang more so perhaps then you . His immoral invasion of Iraq is in direct opposition to St.Augustine's Just War Concept refined later by St. Thomas Aquinas .Bye the way much of International Law and almost all the Geneva Convention flows off Augustine and Aquinas . When the Pope admonished Bush by issuinga serious warning to him " If you invade Iraq do not assume God will be at your side . Certainly Pope Benedict knows Augustine and Aquinas so well and that is what he dropped on Blair. Their Just War concept . Yet you revert back to Left anti Cathlicism to smear a Pope who more then stood his ground with Blair who is as evil as Bush and gang .Suspect you have serious intellectual religious history issues . You completely missed what Benedict was up to. But you got your Left Pope smear in didn't you .

Friend want to discuss the history of German Christainity starting 19th Century .

Friend do you know the two main German philosphers who greatly influenced Hitler ? Someone wrote here Pope Benedict was forced into the German Youth Movement and then Army and infers that makes him a Nazi . Now that is warped logic .Perhaps over two million non Nazi Germans were forced in too .The vast majority of your German Army were not Nazis .I have read almost every battle history of WW11 and for that matter WW1 . Hey besides being a anti Catholic Leftist are you anti German too. Thank God I am first generation Irish .

Friend you got the right guy to read your Left anti Catholic smears .Please drop some more comments or must I wait till your next time . If there is a next time you will hear from me . meanwhile keep up the great work you are doing keeping us updated on your keen observations about Bush .


Stop loving your religion and start loving God. The Catholics don't own god so stop monopolizing Her. The Catholics however, do own pedophile priests and you are responsible for their depravity by your continued support of an institution that sexually abuses children. These are not random acts by a few sick degenerates. This is ingrained within the hierarchy of your church --- that includes Benedict's right hand man. If you love god --- then love god but keep your damned religion out of it because god has nothing to do with institutions making money of the masses just so your Pope can sleep soundly in a golden bed. And the sooner you recognize that the soon we'll stop killing people in the name of god and finally evolve.

Friend am responding to a typical Left Catholic ssmear here that is why I am here .I would not be silly enough to sell Catholicism to anti Catholic Leftists. The Catholic Church is made up of sinners that is one of the central cores of Catholicism .Yes priests who prey on boys is pure evil. And yes Rome let that problem get away from them real bad. Hope you do not mean someone here can smear a Pope but it is wrong for me to push back . If you do not want to hear about Catholicism then those here expressing the Left anti semitism smearing the Pope should cease . You are silent about the anti Catholic smear of the Pope here but bothered about me responding to a anti Catholic smear . That sound like typical Left logic or is it bias ?

Friend you got the right guy here I will spar-debate argue all night . I know my game .

Hey anymore anti Catholic Lefties here ?

If Poodle does not know about repentance, then he is a long way from becoming a Catholic. And in his case, repentance would most probably have to be very public before he is allowed to convert.

How long does it take to say a million Hail Marys?

it's the bishop! running the streets of Piddlehamptom with an iron fist. lt is the "bishop" it's anglican, not catholic. but make no mistake, there is no small large resemblance.

Please stop using the name Friend. That is traditionally reserved for Quakers, ie, the Society of

If you wish to use it, please describe how you personally find inner light, and how you have worked through the principles of simplicity as well as the fairly tough matters about taking up arms.

Osscar Wilde in his death throes asked for a priest and was baptised on his death bed and given the last rites .Guess you knew his long life style .Camus a atheist did same converted on his death bed .Dutch Schultz the legend gunman killer asked for and was given the Last Rites in his death throes . That is the Catholic Church us sinners forgive and take in worse sinners even in a death throe redemption . Friend I have read all the hersies and schisms The Church contended with throughout the ages . So I do not need critiques of the Church astray in this case pervert priests I picked up on that over thirty five years ago . My older brother is a Irish Monk who spent ten years in Peru Jungle almost getting murdered more then once .No they were not anti Catholic Leftists .Rather Shining Path guerrillas Chinese Communist influenced and supported. So yesn thirty five years ago had long talks with my brother aboutn the priest pervert issue and yes in our micro way tried to combat it . So you tell me facts I know was coming way before you . But do not change the issue the Pope tooka anti Catholic smear here tonight confirming that anti Catholicism is the anti semitism of the Left . Firedoglake and Crooks & Liars know all about the anti semeitism of the Left too . They slur Catholicism too .

Funny all I get here is comments confirming anti Catholicism is the anti semitism of the Left. I totally agree Rome and Pope John blew it big time with the prevert priests . And by the way the problem is still out there . And yes some homo bishops and cardinals are still covering pervert priests .Like the outside lay world homosexuals and perverts network, support and cover each other . Funny I am critical of pervert priests but pervert guys who transmit Aids to each other too .

Friend it is evil to smear Pope Benedict and it is evil to smear anyone .Friend it is sad you do not even own up your assumed a mode of typical Left anti Catholicism . Friend so sad you are very moral dead on target about Bush and gang . But Friend with Pope Benedict you revert to classical Left anti semitism you smear Pope Benedict as a Nazi . Friend will be waiting for you next anti Catholic slur but it will be n real time not a earlier blog like this one .

Friend C.S.Lewis observed " Pacifism is a noble ideal just so long there are men dying on the battlefield to preserve that ideal". Plato noted " Only the dead have seen the end of war ". Friend I did hard South Bronx patrol as a cop and went through three gunbattles 1969-70 . Each gunbattle involved saving victims lives . Quaker pacifism would have meant five dead crime victims and two dead sector car cops.Friend will not slur or smear Quakers they are God fearing folk . But guess would not want one as a South Bronx sector car partner.Pacifism is cool but you could not cut that in the South Bronx as a cop . Friend think you comprehend the conflict regarding pacifism. Sad you are not pacifist when it comes to Left anti Catholicism Semitism calling the Pope a Nazi.Right Friend ?

Friend where are you had only one speed as a New York City cop-detective go go . So go drop some comments here I will volley back for sure .

Friend you got a great informational blog site regards our friend evil Bush and his cabal cherish your insights on him . But sad you are locked into the classical Left anti semitism attacking Catholics . Now please not think I am casting you into any of Dante's Inferno levels. Nope not one of them . Tell me the Church is terrible about handling pervert priests I will agree with you .But label the Pope a Nazi that is classical Left anti Catholic semitism .

how many nazis did the catholick church help escape europe at the end of wwii ??

why did the catholick church turn its head to the Holocaust ?

and just how much shit does the catholick church have stashed under the vatican anyway ??

ew, the comments confirm your notion that this was suitable material for a Monty Python script. A troll who posts more than 20 comments on a single thread has a serious bee in their bonnet, and belongs in that script.

Are you kidding? The Papa is just getting His price up. Maybe he wants a joyride on a nuclear sub. Or a nuclear bomb for the Vatican.

This Papa met personally with Boy Wonder ONE WEEK before he issued his fatwa on Candidate Kerry.

Meanwhile, his pederastic priesthood is following the Commandments of their Penises -- and keeping their places in Heaven & His Corporation on Earth just fine.

Blair's conversion resembles Edward's, when he went to Berlin on his abdication honeymoon and marched with the Hitler gruss like a real British hero. His Chamberlainic foreign policy makes my Churchill Nerve want to throtttle him with his cowardly flame-retardant smile.

He should take ordination. Then he can minister to his fellow warcriminals in a Dutch prison, because in the afterlife, I think a cat named Lafayette is going to kick his Brit ass.

Blair wanting to become Catholic: Dear Good Lord, where does one begin? First, the timing is oddly significant...why now, now that his political career is over? (Can't be PM and not belong to the Church of England [a new twist on the phrase, "just lie back and think of England]). Now, to the second part, and more interesting. During the run-up and in the 2 years that followed the beginning fo the Iraq War, I was in London frequently (was actually there during the weekend that the invasion began) and asked everyone what was "up" with Blair. Almost everyone I spoke to pointed to his religious convictions--that is, he felt "called" by God to save heathens. In that respect, he was a mirror image of Bush.

is that a troll ???

looks more like a cry for help ...

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