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June 04, 2007


I read this as another in a series of Novak columns written at the behest of Karl Rove. It's more about protecting Rove's surrogate (Jennings) than Doan, who they've obviously written off.

This suggests that one of the Evil Karlulu's tentacles is so far up the inside of Novakula's hand-puppet, it is hard to tell where the slime ends and the sleaze begins...

Makes the Plame thing all the more intriguing.

Whoever can count themselves inside Novak's inner circle might also be easily counted, as co-conspirators in "The Plame-Outing Cover-up."

Beware the cornered beast...

In Novak's defense, I think labeling the 5'5" Waxman as "intimidating" is a very fair characterization. A number of right-wingers have already lost their jobs because of his investigations.



Poor, prurient little Monica. That big old bully Henry Waxman just won't cut her a break, no matter how innocent her legal line-crossing might have been.

Someone on the right should do a medieval-setting parody of the Goodling hearings, with poor, innocent Monica G, like a lost little Alice in Waxmanland.

Imagine with me, for a moment...
...there's the bo-peepish, squeaky-voiced princess standing before the wicked Waxman, bald beneath his flowing powdered wig, slamming his over-sized gavel down whenever Princess Monica tries to "tell the truth" and defend herself...

Can't you see them now, just visualize the White Knights (HA!) Lungren and Davis and fat friar Cannon, along with the evil Bishop Issa, as they all stumble in. The knights are wearing oversized armor, clanking and rattling as they each come clumsily to her defense, compulsively leering at her cleavage as they take their turns pledging their lives to protect this damsel in distress.

In their Inquisitor's robes, "Democrat" Congressmen pick mercilessly away at her, with harsh, squawking, outrageous accusations that exaggerate her innocent acts of personal patriotism.

Her lip quivers, but she stands firm, chin up.

And when her lip begins to quiver, Sirs Dan and Tom, Bishop Darrell and fat old friar Cannon all come unglued, they rudely interrupt the Inquisition, waving their swords in the air at invisible adversaries, demanding the Inquisitors' tongues be cut out.

It would make for a true comedy of errors...

And to think, even after grovelling so publicly of late, Sir Davis still wants to be a Senator. If ever there was someone deserving of the George Allen treatment by "the blogs" it is Davis.

EW: Did Team Libby file its paperwork this morning? About why we shouldn't be able to find out who's shilling for Libby?

EW, I know you were talking about Doan, not Goodling, but the act reamains the same.

No mater how you change the names of leading lady and the supporting cast of buffoons, it becomes hauntingly interchangable.

All these "Electra girls" like Goodling, Palouse and Doan used these same stereotypes to climb the Republican ladder, so it should come as no surprise that their tumble down from the heights should be similar, but in reverse.

It is sad to see such , misplaced, transparently sexist chivalry on the part of our lawmakers, but it was the tool very these women used to gather power "while-ye-may." Now that power grubbing is coming back to bite all of them.

uh, what meeting is novakula talking about ???

But the Jan. 26 meeting targeted no candidate for support, solicited no GSA employee for political activity and resulted in no follow-up.

IIRC, there was a powerpoint presentation that listed Democratic seats that were thought to be vunerable, and listed Repuglican seats that were thought to be hard to defend

the listed Democratic Seats were to be targeted, and the listed repuglican seats were to be defended

that's political activities, for a partisian gain, in a government office

maybe novakula was talking about some other laurita doan who lives on some other planet in some alternate universe

o0r maybe novakula was flat fucking lying

Well, I'm glad Novakula is intimidated by people asking simple,straightforward questions. Shows that he gets it more than I ever dreamed!

Sunshine is an amazing thing.

We were talking about an investigation czar -- looks the democrats have hired this attorney:

Preet Bharara is a 38-year-old Indian-American lawyer, who made his name prosecuting the bosses of the Gambino and Colombo crime families in New York. Former US Attorney --

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml? ml=/news/2007/06/03/wuselec103.xml

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