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June 25, 2007


This crap should become the de-facto canned response next time Bushco cites "Robb Silverman" having investigated WH use of pre-invasion intel.

I like Jay Rockefeller.

Since when is genteel bad?

Redactions in issues of this magnitude are only acceptable when national security is at risk, but in most of these cases it's a matter of readaction = cover-up.

They aren't protecting the national security, they're protected their own sorry posteriors.

Once more, the sheer and cavalier transparency of their deception belies a pre-November 06' over-confidence, their misguided belief that a Republican majority would continue ad-infinitum.

They never expected to be held accountable for what had obviously become habitual corruption, or they would have covered their tracks better.

dead eye dick has to be the dumbest person on this fucking planet

all of that work can be undone with a single signature

or does dead eye dick figure he'll be the last veep ever ???

kkkarl rove may have the numbers, but I've actually TALKED to voters

and I can't find a single person who will admit to being a repuglican lately

and some of those people KNOW that I know their political affiliation

repuglicans denying their political affiliation has become the "rage de jure" in America

chicken noodle network doesn't say it, just dancing around the obvious without being able to state the obvious, but the next President Of The United States is going to be a Democrat

the next Veep is gonna be a Democrat

The Next Congress is gonna be dominated by an overwhelming Democratic Majority

so will somebody splain to me how dead eye dick is gonna keep a Democratic Administation from releasing all of this dirty laundry ???

short term thinking can be the stupidest form of thinking, and dick cheney proves it

"The too-genteel Jay Rockefeller..."

I believe this understates the problem to the point of misrepresentation. Jay doesn't know what leadership is because he never earned any leadership, it was always, always handed to him on a silver plate with a big red rose next to it by a servant in a pressed uniform who bowed and then clicked heels on the way back to the downstairs quarters.

Yo! America! Dude! Dick Cheney, before he dicks you (again)!
Cheney must be getting a real kick out of his latest effort to demean his loyal subjects. Otherwise, why else would he expect us to take seriously the claim that he's not in the Executive Branch or the Legilative Branch. If not, then wtf is he? The Grand Poohbah? An Oracle? A Temple Virgin? Dicktater? I think he's probably laughing his ass off at us, cause it all feels like a giant prank. If not, and, in the unlikely event that he's actually serious, he's way crazier than I thought, and we're in way worse trouble than I ever could have imagined. So, given that he's either mad as a hatter or just a friggin bully who loves pulling the wings offa flies (and shootin his friends in the face with buckshot), at what point does someone request a psych evaluation for the guy? He has, whether wittingly or un-, created a laughing stock of those few in the US who support him, and of the rest of us who're paying through the nose for his criminal behavior. And he's acting like the Laugher in Chief. Here's Cheney talking to an unsuspecting constituent... "Noogie, noogie, I got you to accept torture! Bwahahaha. Punch you in the arm, I got you to give up your access to the legal system! Nyah, nyah, ne nyah, nyah, I made YOU ALL pay for me to steal somebody else's oil and make squillions of dollars in the deal! Peek-a-boo! I see you, and hear you, and know what you're doing on the internet, and who you're cheating on, and with whom! You don't have a liiiife! You've got a police state!!!! Gimme your lunch money. I'm not done with you, yet. I want all YOUR kids dead in Iraq so my kid'll be able to collect social security even though she'll inherit everything Halliburton or I ever stole from you! Oh, yeah, one last thing. I knew all along that Bin Laden was gonna throw jet planes at those buildings, and I did squat! And you wanna know why? 'Cause then you'd eat any shit I fed you 'cause you were so scared it'd happen again. What a bunch o' stupid fucks you people are! And here's the mortal irony.... You voted for me! Twice! Losers!

"Genteel" Jay Rockerfeller would be a sorry excuse for any Senate Chair, and for the Intelligence Committee, he's a total disaster. I don't know if, as is said, that's he just too nice a guy, or if he is serially incompetent; Pat Roberts, and now Kit Bond, have been mugging him since the 911 Commission started up, and he has not learned one fucking lesson from the dozens of ass-whippings they have administered. He's been back-doored, ambushed, and just plain lied to, all without getting a clue. Genteel, maybe, but how about dumb as a box of rocks? He needs to be replaced, pronto.

JEP just hit on one of my favorite subjects for speculation, as well as freepatriot. Everyone wonders, how could they do things so stupid and short-sighted, knowing someone else would be in office in 2009? Well, what if they were so certain of not only "the math" but of the success of their total transformation of everything from Lurita Doan's GSA to Abu G's Justice Department into an election "lock" that 2009 didn't matter to them? Rove has been saying "Permanent Republican Majority" for a long time; perhaps their philosophy was that in order to achieve it they had to "boldly dare" to act as if it were inevitable. From this angle, whether they have something to worry about in 2009 would have depended on whether "someone else" was expected to be in office, after all.

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