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June 11, 2007


With every post of yours I read, every day that goes by, every light you shine on this well tuned gaggle of monsters I am more and more convinced of the genius of Patrick Fitzgerald not to mention his remarkable courage.

Now that's a thesis!

For almost anyone else, the yoking of Bork's failed nomination to Clinton's penis might qualify as a twisted observation. But from Horowitz, who participated in the deliberations surrounding both events, it must be read as something more. Horowitz' predictions of "calls for retribution" are no mere prediction, but a threat, precisely because he has carried out such "retribution" in the past.
and I agree. Perhaps Horowitz is intentionally ambiguous about the target becuase he does not know yet either. Malicious.

Is Horowitz's rant really, or merely, so intimidating?

There's another way to read it--viz., that the protracted assassination-attempt against Clinton really did fail (I'm in the minority here, but can make the argument sing if invited to do so); and that the right wingers (some of them, anyway) rather dread the thought of getting entangled in yet another endless, all-consuming, tedious, self-defeating "Jihad". To me, at least, Horowitz sounds very old.

It's time to call their bluff. This country is also theirs, after all, and they've done a lot to wreck it in ways that haven't advanced their cause in any way. Some of them sense this obvious fact, even if they can't process it from within the prison-cells of their stunted intellects.

One way to call their bluff is to publish the "story" of the Federalist Society, and to publish it in every possible way. Publish the "story" of each and every one of its members (to the extent that this doesn't drive us mad with boredom).

I mean, just watch what's happening with Bork and his $1 million tort suit against the Yale Club! Isn't this just what the doctor ordered?


Publish the "story".

Absolutely, correct. (Adding in the lives which have been destroyed by their work.)

The Federalist Society "war" on liberalism dovetailes nicely with the pro-life "war on choice". The mindset is quite strong and there is a Justified War metality within both camps. A mindset of: any actions which result in "killing" anything that seems liberal in any sense, may be deemed as justified and "ethical" if not a praise offering. It has built a frenzy, a sicken frenzy of an altered state of the comprehension of justice and "what is right".

When my own work in DC brought me face to face with this nexis in the early 90's, I became aware of the deep, critical crisis our country was coming to and that even "justice" in this country would be at risk. Suddenly, I saw the Constitution being looked at not for the rule of law but how to break the rule of law without breaking the law. As well as, how to interpret the Constitution without regard to the intent of the Constitution.

It seems there is a loss of the understanding of hard work, fair play, liberty and justice for all. The spoils of their war will be the deconstruction of Constitutional rights. I know, preaching to the chior...

EW, I think you are correct to be noting the Horowitz letter and the implied content. Could this be interpreted as a threat against Walton and perhaps a federal offense? He needs to be "called" on the carpet for his letter. As do Libby's Lawyers for allowing a letter containing a veiled threat. (That is if they submitted the letters as a collection. Was the Horowitz letter sent in separate cover?)

EW, Your cogent insight is beyond compare. Thank you for your efforts. How about a Sunday "tubes" talk show with you, Christie and Jane and Josh@TPM? It would put any Sunday News Show to shame because it would actually be news and have great depth of knowledge and fact finding. Or a kind of Washington Week In Review of blogs news? Maybe it's out there and I have not found it...

What is interesting is the single-mindedness of the neo-con wingnuts to grab and retain power by any means. For them the ends justify the means. The reason why the country is in such trouble is that there has been no concerted effort to discredit and oppose the neo-con agenda. Where are the opposing think tanks, legal scholars, talk show pundits, op-ed writers and corporate media reporters?

Us vs. them?
Making a double standard of justice more double standardy would certainly accelerate those feelings.
Bushie advocated for a lifetime sentence for 3 convictions.
Scooter has FOUR felony convictions.

Where were all the letter writers when Bush was sending inmates to their deaths in Texas? If Bush does pardon Libby--just for fairness and balance and context and all--somebody should shout from the rooftops the stats on all those on death row when Bush was governor--all those worthy of no mercy from the deciderer.

Let Horowitz and his ilk be darned! and Let Scooter rot a bit in jail. A felon is a felon and ain't that Justice in the US of A. So much ado about so little!

From a confirmed canajun!

I totally missed the significance of this particular letter when I did my quick scan (and to the language pedants in the crowd, "quick scan" is exactly what I mean) of them. I did not realize who Michael Horowitz was. Now I am really curious about the incident where he admits to lying to federal investigators. Anybody know what that's about?

HA! He's talking as if the rabid right would actually accept the legitimacy of a Democratic president and not have an "us v. them" attitude regardless. So when the right goes back to war on the next Democratic president in 2009, it will all be Judge Walton's fault. Right....

EW: "threatening to impeach the second President Clinton (or President Obama)"

Could I put in a plea to expand this to "President Edwards" [particularly in light of the recent postings here about the importance of addressing poverty] or "President Gore"?

A little mean man petty man, who has lost. With a dem congress any threat of impeachment will leave Horowits with his smeckle in his hand.

I must say, excellent post. You pull diamonds out of pig shit like nothing I've ever seen.

This makes it pretty clear that Cliton had it EXACTLY right when he said, "vast Right Wing conspiracy." Poor guy it was all around him just waiting for somthing to suck into the ooze.


i was wondering whether there was any connection between the events in your immediately previous post on bandar bin bush and bae and this post.

one deals with what i suppose you could call covert foreign policy operations

and this one deals implicitly -thru horowitz's connection to both the federalist society and the arkansas project - with a covert operations designed to strongly effect american politics and the federal government.

don't read too much into this question, but does horowitz have any connections with the foreign policy neo-cons or with amercian zionism, by any chance?

in any event, it's seems from your posts that american government has been under persistent and wide-ranging pressure from covert operations by right-wingers for some time.


That was not meant to be an endorsement of either Hillary or Obama. Just trying to get into Horowitz' little head to imagine what he might have been thinking when he said this.

"though it's not usually the Republican appointees they target"
You're probably too young to remember "Impeach Earl Warren"


I thought your mind might quiet down with the time you were taking off to be with your Mom.

Not so much, eh? It seems like the Libby sentencing is producing lots of ore for you to smelt into precious metals.

You go, girl!


Eh, I beat my mom in two straight games of Scrabble (though narrowly both times), which is a rare event in my life. So she may have riled up the old brain, really.

Or is much of this a strategy of future intimidation of Gonzalez' successor? I, no VRWC believer [look! a flying saucer!], think that Fitz had Karl's indictment in hand until Al told him to stuff it and mostly for that reason is why Bush continues to support his AG AG. If Gonzalez goes out comes Rove's trip to Reggie's court and even more erosion of the Republican face mask and more losses in '08. These guys are good, very good...and know just what they're doing, not caring a wit about the constitution or "the people" who don't live in their "house". It is and always will be about raw power - playas and reality makers.

mr horowitz should check the record before he decides to join "Them"

mr horowitz don't have the luxury of joining the "Us" team, cuz the "Us" team is made up of law abiding patriotic Americans

and the "Them" team has NEVER DEFEATED "Us" on American soil

if mr horowitz wants to fight against the People Of The United States, he's welcome to try

how did that whole "reconstruction" thingy work out for the south anyway ???

btw, mr horowitz, we ain't gonna be nice and polite this time (and the "nice and polite" way included burning Atlanta and Coplumbia South Carolina the last time some idiots tried this)

so pick up your stars and bars flag and declare your unpatriotic fucking self mr horowitz

I can't wait until the boys from Massachutetts et al kick your ass again

the south shall fall again

What I don't understand, though, is the target of his threat. Is Horowitz threatening to impeach the second President Clinton (or President Obama) because a staunchly independent prosecutor, appointed by a loyal Republican, prosecuted Libby for covering up Dick Cheney's role in the outing of a CIA NOC? Is he threatening to attack Democrats because a hard-nosed Republican appointee followed court guidelines and treated Libby with the same sternness he treats African-American drug dealers?

Or is Horowitz threatening to retaliate against Judge Walton himself, who was appointed by George W Bush and recently named by Chief Justice Roberts to the FISA Court? These right wingers aren't above threatening judges, after all, though it's not usually the Republican appointees they target.

None of the above. Retribution will happen anyway, regardless of the outcome. But if Judge Walton is intimidated into leniency,so much the better.

Democrats like Chuck Schumer need to refer to the "now discredited Federalist Society" every time they talk about it's members. Most of these legal issues take a bit of thought to realize what is and isn't a good idea but if it starts to seep into conciousness that the Federalist Society is discredited (because of the USA scandal, the stacking of the judiciary with partisan hacks, a legal philosophy that finds no compelling reason to grant women the right to vote or blacks their freedom, etc.) then the Federalist Society will BE discredited.

The now discredited Federalist Society has no business playing a role in the selection or appointment of members of the court or it's officers.

Horatio has it. Horowitz is trying to create a climate in which violent retribution will be seen as just. This ties in with Digby's recent posts about the potential for a resurgence of right-wing violence if the Dems take over in 2008.

Some of this is just the last throes of the culture wars of the '60's and after, but it does seem that the wingnut crazies calmed down after 2001. Whether that was a resurgence of patriotism after 9/11 or the effects of the GOP hegemony or some combination I don't know, but my guess is that it will resurface in 2009 if the Dems do take over.

In anticipation, we need to make clear what is acceptable dissent and that violence has no part in that. And young people really need to repudiate the excessive Boomer ideological wars.

I've happened upon this site very recently via FDL, via TPM... and on this journey because I didn't believe the 16 words the moment I heard them.
Now, so many years later, here we are.

I know I do not just speak for myself when I tell you how much I appreciate the serious enlightment you've given to so many people regarding this matter.
A very heartfelt THANK YOU!
(and I'll still be tuning in for insightful updates)

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