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June 17, 2007


Unless you get a bee in your bonnet...

By the by, is there just a touch of snark in the title of your panel... "Curbing the Imperial Presidency"?

Enjoy your trip, knock em dead and have some fun. That is an order.

my speculative argument of how Dick found out Plame was covert...
c'mon Marcy... I was one of those hundred dollar freaks when AofD was not yet named... and I have to wait to find out what you've got on Dick?
okay, there weren't enough of us freaks to let Jane and Kos off the hook, so I'm willing to wait...
but I think I'll have even more company when you stack the binders up and contemplate your next book...
thanks for everything you do... in what ever order you and that bee in your bonnet think best.

Marcy, John Edwards is having a fundraiser for his average-Joe, not-so-rich supporters at MCCXXII in DC on Tuesday at 5:45. It only costs $15. Much more reasonable that the $250 his appearances normally charge.

uhm, while you're mixing with the hoi palloi you might mention IMPEACHMENT, and how POPULAR it would be

emptywheel ,

work is a harsh taskmaster especially when there is a lot of it and you have a need to eat or have a need to succeed. You can never stop.

I stay up half the night, and only stop to exercise a bit or to email/blog/message/phone in order to just release the tensions.

Grand Dad, bless him, said "you got to fish when they are biting. Plenty of time to cut bait when they aren't."

The conference looks great. I am most happy that you will have ample opportunity to remind Rep. Conyers about important details to investigate that may have been missed in the paper deluge.
Don't forget extra batteries and chargers (you've probably already ironed out all these travel issues by now).


can you give us the lyrics to the song ' cry me a river deep and wide enough for me to swim across ( played on the world's smallest violin ) and do it entirely in your infamous boldface ??

many thanks !!!

Make a little birdhouse in your soul.

IMPEAH GONZO!!!! (pass it on)

My soul is already full of birdhouses. It's a mess.

Funniest bit of spin from today's Politico (Mike Allen):

"The Libby Legal Defense Trust, backed by former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson and other prominent Republicans, has raised more than $5 million to help Libby defray his legal costs, The Politico has learned, with contributions of as little as $5 coming from grass-roots conservatives."

The grassroots support for Libby is really adding up!

Have a safe, productive and fun trip, Marcy! We'll miss you because when the bee is in your bonnet -- you are on fire...

Marcy,i would love to hear your opinion on the Chris Hutchison article in Slate today.He feels the Libby case is much ado about nothing.If anyone could rebut this article it's you.

with great respect

Susan Ralston caught a major case of can't-recall-itis during the part of her deposition on Rove's role in the Plame matter. Her major testimonial strategy was to claim that the investigation was so long, she can't pin down when anything happened - could have been before the investigation started, could have been after. But there was this interesting exchange (I've cleaned up the transcript a little, sorry for any inadvertent changes):

Q Were you aware of any communications by Mr. Rove about Joe Wilson or Valerìe Plame WiLson with the Office of the Vice President?
A You know, it is that investigation was so lengthy that the tìmìng of all of the conversations is not really clear in my mind. I believe he did talk to the Vice President's Office about it, but I j ust don't remember when, with whom, the context.
Q Why do you believe that he talked with that office about this subject?
A I just have a vague recollectìon that he and Scooter Libby talked about this subject often.
Q Often?
A Often.
Q During what time frame?
A I don't know. I mean, it is really hard for me to say.

She goes on to say that she wasn't present for those conversations, so it's unclear how she knows this. Nevertheless, I think it's probably a safe bet she's talking about June-July 2003, since if it were after the investigation started, it would be major first glance evidence of obstruction. Also, she says she thinks Rove learned that Wilson's wife worked at CIA from "gossip" but she doesn't know which or what or whose.

Overall, pretty lame and protective. At one point she essentially indicates that she's given more specific answers to Fitzgerald, presumably to cover the fact that she's claiming not to recall stuff here that she was able to recall for him.

Also, some details in there about Fitzgerald getting Rove's political laptop and political Blackberry, which I don't think is news at this point. Still unclear where and when Fitzgerald, and Luskin for that matter, got the Rove-Hadley email.

Jeff, I think you're focused on the forest and missing the trees: Ralston revealed that Rove was using the blackberry the whole time Bush has been in office. Blackberry devices communicate over the public cell phone network (remember the dust-up over those Paris Hilton sidekick pics?) Some methods of running the Blackberry service that are popular with large corporations require a central server to collect, synchronize, and forward email to users.

This transcript from Ralston was released the same day that we find out the FBI has been illegally wiretapping everyone. Think someone from the FBI has dropped a dime on Karl?

So. Ralston has testified that Rove was probably guilty of behavior that represented a repeated and ongoing breach of national security. This should get his clearance revoked, at a minimum, and probably result in criminal charges.

And she testified that Rove and Libby talked about Plame. Was there a conspiracy to reveal her identity or status? That should result in criminal charges against Rove as well.

People have had a lot of things to say about Waxman not moving fast enough, or being too willing to bow to Pelosi's "off the table" leadership. I think instead what we're seeing is like the Aesop fairy tale about the thirsty raven and the pebbles.

Waxman knows a helluva lot more than he's saying, and he's beginning to show great media savvy by releasing bombshells on Monday mornings, before the Tony Blow Show. He's guaranteeing that the story about the Bush crime of the day will dominate reporter's questions and the news cycles. Every little fact he drops, each new crime he confirms that we know about, is another stone down the neck of the jar. One by one they will raise the water until it is high enough to spill over and wash away any objections to impeachment.

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