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June 03, 2007


Were the rockets for the pre-war aluminum centrufuge tubes? Any information coming from this administration, including the Military, has to be taken with a ton of skepticism. When has anything been what we have been told? NOTHING! What's worse the MSM still doesn't question this spin. If sunshine was permitted on this group, I would predict they wouldn't last until the next election.


I'd suggest the Newsweek article IS questioning that spin.

They always need a war to stay in power. Centcom has dozens of war models with various states waiting activation. We had a weakened secular government in Iraq and our no fly zone was a deterrent to Irans ambitions Now that his army is paid by the enemy it is up to the nieghbor states to resist Iran or be dominated.
Are we supposed to be grateful to the Repubs for this. It is mind blogging.

She payed off Lebanon.

This is bureaucratic warfare. When this ordinarily hidden process is so hotly contested neither side can keep it hidden, it is beyond brutal. This would never happen if Shrub were a CEO. He's not. He doesn't have the facts or a plan or way to get them. He doesn't direct or invigorate his team. He's a vacuum; his space has dimension only when someone else fills it, like Big Dick.

The problem is that Shrub's CEO diet has always been comprised of pre-digested scraps shaped to look like "Commander Guy" and "Decider" biscuits. But the food processor is broken and those who used to be in charge of Shrub's menu don't play well together any more. (Presumably, because their new Congressional sitter is making them pick up and count all their broken toys.)

Will Shrub learn to feed himself? Will he rise to the "greatness thrust upon him"? Or, will he wait frozen on the sidewalk for a winner to emerge from a virtual street brawl among his bureaucrats, then trumpet that winner's advice as his own?

Regardless, that's no way to run a govt or to decide whether we go to war with Iran. If Shrub is frozen to his seat, waiting for his Freudian mom or dad to wipe him and pull his pants up, then Congress will need to intervene and keep Big Dick from starting another war.

"Will he rise to the greatness thrust upon him"? "If Shrub is frozen to his seat.." No, and he is. This doesn't get any better before January 2009. The only issue is whether we can minimize further damage between now and then. This group will never, NEVER, do the right thing and then follow through on it. Every now and then, they do something actually intelligent, not often mind you but every now and then, then they fuck it up on the follow through. Those are the good times; most all of the time they have really stupid and destructive ideas and manage to make it even worse in the execution.

The question is -- will Bush/Cheney bomb Iran before they leave office on Jan 20 2009?

I'd be willing to bet yes.

It's all (completely) downhill from there.

Er, can't someone like Robin Wright ask a question of a SAO such as, "Really? Iran supports the Taliban? I thought all along it was Pakistan's ISI?" And isn't that a great irony. The US supports Musharoff to the tune of some zillion dollars and then Musharoff has to buy off certain members of the ISI to keep things off kilter in Afghanistan and in the And then the ISI supported Taliban shoot at NATO troops.

Steve Benen at TPM points out that they're pulling this sh*t with Taiwan, too: Cheney's people are pushing independence (never mind what the PRC says about it being cause for shooting) and Condi's people (formerly Powell's people) have to cool things off again.

The explosives bore suspected Iranian markings similar to those found on weapons confiscated from Shiite militias in Iraq...


...Cheney's aides kept asking what sounded like leading questions, demanding to know whether there was any Iranian entity other than the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps—the state security force Washington accuses of arming Iraqi insurgents—that could be responsible for the arms shipments

This looks a bit sloppy to me. The "insurgents" are Sunni, no? This story appears to conflate the two. I mean, perhaps the Iranians are arming both sides, but, that would be kinda wacky. If the arms really are showing up in the hands of Shiites and Sunnis,
AND the Taliban, I think the simplest explanation is that these arms are just in wide circulation in the black market.

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