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June 26, 2007


Yes, the recent Cheney flap puts the lack of follow up in the Plame investigation, first identified in the March hearings, into an interesting context.

Yup! Henry is pissed. I wouldn't wanna have Henry pissed at me. Not healthy to have Henry pissed at you. You start sleeping bad if Henry is pissed at you. You worry about leaving fingerprints anywhere when Henry is pissed.

^5 EW on the Princess Bride quote. Sheesh girl, do you never sleep? You are dogged and determined as Waxman and I'm so glad you're on our side. Thanks for all you do.

so was dead eye dick thinking that Henry Waxman would be some place other than in Congress, serving as the Majority Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee ???

Oh yeah, kkkarl rove had "The Math", and there was never going to be another Democratic Majority in Congress ever again

what is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men ???

you wanna hear the punchline ???

if dead eye dick is counting on being saved by a Statute Of Limitation, he can think again

A Democratic Congress can abolish any Statutes of Limitation that interfere with bringing dead eye dick to justice

it worked on the child molester priests out here in Cali

if it's good enough for child molesters, it's good enough for cheney

Speaking of KKKarl, he has kindof gone missing from the expose of Ol' Dick.
So what gives? How does Rove fit in with Cheney's command?

Karl Rove

is too busy seeing after the important business of this great Country.

As for Waxman

You better hope he can tread water a long time for that is what he is doing waiting for the White House Officials to testify.

Troll, he keeps getting re-elected.

How long can Bush and Cheney stay in office legally? Not as long as Henry can.

yeah - right Jodi. You're the only one treading water here... and whistling past the graveyard. Day by day, they are coming closer... and closer... and closer...


It's a good question. We'll probably learn more tomorrow. Tomorrow's installment pertains to things that--per Ralston's deposition--everyone believes Rove to have done. Instead, we'll learn, Cheney was behind that too.

"I do not doubt your good faith..." is like "With all due respect...."

The first means "I do not doubt your good faith because I KNOW you have none...."

The second means "With all the respect you are due, which is none....."

It is my humble opinion that after Jan 2009 Bush and Cheney will be home free. Not worrying about Mr Waxman.

I don't recall any previous President and VP being called before Congress after their terms.

That Precedent would be troubling for any sucessor.

Jodi, Ronald Reagan was required to testify in court on an Iran/Contra matter. It was about 18 months after he left office. It was Televised. He already could remember nothing, but it would be about four years before he would announce his disease.

So yes, it has happened.

well shit stain, I ain't talking about calling dopey and dead eye before Congress

I'm talking about calling dopey and dead eye before the International Criminal Court

that we could be the best type of prescedent we could ever set

but I doubt you could understand why, shit stain

you lack the moral center that would allow you to understand why that would be a good prescedent

so shit stain, if you're reading this, go on one of your rants and prove me right

Jodi -- meet Google. Google, Jodi.

That should help you to check your humble opinions against the facts.


Ok, I admit I was in a hurry.

Thanks Sara.

But one thing, was Reagan's appearance voluntary or compelled?

hey shit stain, when AIN'T you in a hurry

if you didn't hurry, you might actually have to READ the shit you post

and if you read it, you might discover how STUPID your thoughts are

that's why you always post short pieces of shit

so you don't have to read it, so you don't have to consider how stupid the post makes you look

you're kinda like dead eye dick in that way. you just pull any piece of shit out of your ass, and you hope that nobody will notice that you just put a piece of shit on the table

too bad we know a shit stain when we see it

and when we see YOU, we see a shit stain

enjoy the rest of your pathetic existence ...

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