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June 17, 2007


The chutzpah of this guy is mind-boggling. His lawyers must have an inside track, just to propose such transparent self-serving crap. And calling it public service is another hoot. Where do they find these snakes?

This is unbelievable.

This of how much this must happen when there *isn't* a prison sentence involved.

I think there's something seriously wrong with all of these people--the Grileses, the Goodlings, the Gonzalezes, the ... --I mean, I read your first Griles post and immediately toggled over to Wiki to look up the distinction between "sociopath" and "psychopath." These guys are just plain defective human beings. At least with Watergate, you got the impression of a little contrition and/or awareness of wrongs, as the cell doors clunked shut behind those malefactors, but THESE guys? I'm sorry, there's a gene missing, or a frontal lobe, or a soul, or a conscience, or a healthy normal sense of shame or...something. With Griles in particular, it's like witnessing a bad zombie movie in which the dead guy, as I think Molly Ivins said once, is "walking around stinkin' and doesn't have the sense to lie down."

I have great, great problems with Chuck Colson's ministry--but at least he didn't totally weasel out...??? I could be all wrong here, b/c his prison ministry is to me detestable but at least he doesn't hold himself above any and all prisoners, unlike fallen soldier Libby, Griles, etc.

If, Ghu forbid, the court decides to let him off with just community service, the court should also tell him where he can do it, and it should be someplace that does real community work, not one of his pet front groups. (An inner-city food bank would do: he'd have to deal with people who aren't wealthy white males.)

Gee, I hope someone has informed the judge...

lest we forget, "Public Service isn't worth it" (cue the WATB tim griffin)

and "it's hard, its hard work" cue the WATB presnit)

oh, wait, we're talkin about "COMMUNITY" service ...


/Emily Latella

Griles is beyond sleazy. His conviction has been unfortunately eclipsed by the Libby case, but it deserves more public notice. The damage he and his cronies (with Cheney's help) have done to the ecology of the West is incalculable.

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