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June 17, 2007


Good post. I'm writing a sceenplay right now -- well I better not say the exact nature of the story right now, but related to the idea of an index case being discovered in the US. As part of my prep, I read the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenze, 2206, Homeland security council - I was underwelmed.

The point being that you are right people of all stripes need to get involved. The HSC plan I was read was so basic and vague as to be without any usefullness whatsoever. No benchmarks, no specific actions to be taken, just a lot of basic high level conjecture. Not a single actionalble Item in the damn book.

Anyway, I'm going to keep looking into this, and at some point will likely come up with a list of what I'm doing to have my home prepared. My fiance' has ashma, so we can't afford to do nothing. I'm and ex Safety and Environmental Engineer, so I may overkill the task, but better too much than too little.

try this, folks:



Step 1 (Household Information)

Building an emergency kit today will help you and your family gather the food, water and supplies that you'll need for future emergency situations. After you answer just a few questions about your household, you can print customized shopping lists for three days, one week and/or one month supplies of food and water. You can also print a plan for determining quantities of food and water for one year.

* The customized shopping lists are intended only as general guidelines for food and water storage in your codeReady Kit.
* Food amounts are based on servings from five basic food groups.
* If there are foods that you or your family don't like or can't eat, substitute other foods in the same food group that are more appropriate.

When you print your shopping lists, other useful lists will also print:

* Pet Shopping List
* Supplies Checklist
* Medication Checklist

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