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June 02, 2007


anybody got any insights or references on holsinger?

I've been reading The Next Hurrah for a couple of weeks now - I found it when the Alaska legislative indictments were happening and I've been fascinated by the informed, detailed, insider discussions of various aspects of the DOJ. In fact, I just posted today comparing the Anchorage Daily News' short paragraph noting Bartlett's departure to what I had just read at Bub Bye Bartlett yesterday. How much do I really need to know about how many areas? There just isn't time.

I note that you write:

Pandemic preparedness is also one of the very few non-partisan efforts that brings people together from all over the political and professional spectrum.

How many blogs are out there where people of differing political persuasions discuss the hard partisan issues? I haven't seen anyone here in my brief tenure who has challenged the basic values or assumptions of the blog. (It would be interesting to let people here say what they think those are. One I'd identify over the last few weeks, is that the DOJ is in serious trouble, caused by the Bush administration's polticizing it and Gonzales' incompetence.)


frankly I think there is mostly lip service on Health.

Dad says the VA is a good example.

Look at the Extra Drug Resistant TB scare we just had. I didn't really realize it, but it turns out that this has been a long time problem. The actual plan was for the USA to reduce money on TB the next 5 years.

It is considered mostly a "rest of the world problem."

Look at the problem they had tracking down Mr Speaker who had the bad TB. And then when they found him at the Canada crossing over into the USA, the Customs agent decided he looke healthy enough and so didn't hold him though there was a hold order on his passport.

And I learned when a friend had an accident a couple of weeks ago, that the emergency rooms can't handle the people they get on a busy weekend without long waits.

Steve, look up Jodi ;-0. But this isn't the only place pandemic preparedness is discussed.

here, we have Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, Greens and everything else.

Jodi, there are plenty of flaws in the VA, HHS, CDC etc. They are all worth fixing. i look forward to the oppotuni9ty to do so.

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