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June 12, 2007


shorter bloch:

she's a loyal bushista soldier

“Despite engaging in the most pernicious of political activity prohibited by the Hatch Act, administrator doan has shown no remorse and lacks an appreciation for the seriousness of her violation,”

replace "administrator doan" with abu gonzo, scooter libby, paul wolfowitz, richard pearle, ari fleisher, cathy martin, lawyer goodling, brad schlozman, or any other name from a list of thousands, and you have the defining statement of the bush administration

no remorse

no sense of shame

and people wonder why I say religion is a scam

think of all the talabangelical Americans who think these crooks are "decent christians"

what a bunch of fucking suckers

Reading today I'm remembering how back in what Bush-Cheney-Rove must be referring to now as the good old days, they would go 100 miles out of the way never to admit a mistake, make an apology, accept any kind of responsibility for fallibility, let alone wrongdoing or sheer mendacity. At this point, with Rumsfeld gone, Libby convicted, simply evil Ashcroft replaced by lying toady evil on the ropes Gonzo and a skeleton DoJ--hey, where's that pick for McNulty's job and a confirmation hearing? any day now, right? If Gonzo is so eager to sprint to the finish of Bush's term, he might want to suggest a name for his #2--, does the bravado, bluff and stonewall strategy still apply? Maybe, with the help of Fielding's new cadre of lawyers. But maybe not.

Rove made a comment to the faithful about 100 days after 11/07/06 that "it seems like 100 years, doesn't it?" Doan should be an interesting test case.

I can hear Donita now, yelling, "Momma, it's not right!"

I meant to spell it Doanita. ;-(

Any word on whether Doan will be showing up at Waxman's hearing tomorrow?

much like insurance companies as an analogy to this administration, scum just don't understand that laws apply to them. It must be something watching all the incompetent boobs that now populate the civil service. small wonder the people that do the work are retiring. how would you like to have an idiot for the boss like my employees?

wait, is this designed to short-circuit any criminal penalties for Hatch Act violations?

my take on Bloch is that he'll do the right thing -- for Bloch, not necessarily for BushCo or for We the People.

wait, is this designed to short-circuit any criminal penalties for Hatch Act violations

I believe the maximum penalty is, in essence, 'you're fired'. But how that works with a presidential appointee who won't go, and the preznit won't fire, I dunno.

I've got just one question.

If DOJ is doing so great under Alberto Gonzales' leadership, then why is the President hesitating for even one minute in carrying out DOJ's recommendation to shitcan Doan?

"disciplined to the fullest extent"? How about waterboarding?

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