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June 09, 2007


Humm. So one may 'speak as friends', on White House letterhead, on the White House web site? http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/06/20070605-12.html

Most people I know have a professional letterhead and a personal one, but those are just the folk I hang out with.

I resisted actually reading Mr. C's lament for Irving. If he used WH letterhead, his position seems even more bizarre.

Perhpaps Mr. C thinks of himself as the Holy Trinity: there's God the Vice President, God the President of the Senate, and God the Good Friend. Critics can't touch Him in any capacity because, by definition, they must be from the Other Place, or are at least heretics who have earned His wrath and their damnation.

I suppose He may think that when in the guise of the Good Friend, He can seek alms for His friends and Himself that, if illegal by earthly lights, can't be held against Him in His other two roles. Anyone been to seminary who can pursue that line of thought?

Clearly, VP Cheney's statements published on the White House Web site here, here, even when qualified with language such as "as a friend" are barely distinguishable from the official position of our government. Cheney's statements have a deleterious and delegitimizing effect on the integrity of the judicial process and by implication on Judge Walton and USA Patrick Fitzgerald.

I'm pleased Nadler recognized this and asked Cheney to recuse himself.

i agree 100 percent with the esteemed
mr. neil, above -- AND i agree 100 percent
with the esteemed ms. EW (above, more), that
is -- cheney's statements are at best bizzarre.

rep. conyers and rep. nadler well-articulated
why it is wholly inappropriate for a sitting
vice president to make such statements -- and
that analysis applies whether he speaks personally,
or on white house stationary. . . the ever-
obsfuscating mr. cheney, though, will likely
never answer conyers and nadler -- though they
have plainly requested one, from hisss-self.

if he were to answer, he might suggest that his
inclusion of lynne's name in his sentiments meant
that these were HER thoughts, and he just "went
along" in order to preserve (marital) domestic
tranquility -- which is -- of course, a load of
manure. . .

okay. who's next?

According to TPM, Fred Fielding has hired a whole slew of attorneys. Click on the link and look at the list. Quite a few of them are from Cheney's lawyer's law firm.

earlofhuntingdon: 'Critics can't touch Him in any capacity because, by definition, they must be from the Other Place.'

Didn't Nixon file non-resident income tax returns in NY, California, and DC (or was it Florida?), claiming in each filing that he lived in one of the other jurisdictions?

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