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June 15, 2007


"Umm, yeah - that's it - it's just like coming out of the last ice age!" [goes back, sticks head in sand].

Dude, go see the movie. As someone who in the past has been the guy taking the data and doing the statistical analysis, the data is devastating. Too bad, so sad. Scientists agree, only the media does not.

lol. I was responding to comments from Climate Progress blog. That's what I get for reading this stuff on my cellphone.

With a Democracy which responds to business interests (making money) and a public which doesn't notice until it's usually too late what are we to do? It's not like we have a dictatorship or something...er, well a benevolent dictatorship or something.

I wonder what the scientists think we need for a complete package of fixes.

Mimikatz, thanks for focusing on this.

The UK Independent has a great article this week:

The wrath of 2007: America's great drought

" America is facing its worst summer drought since the Dust Bowl years of the Great Depression. Or perhaps worse still.

From the mountains and desert of the West, now into an eighth consecutive dry year, to the wheat farms of Alabama, where crops are failing because of rainfall levels 12 inches lower than usual, to the vast soupy expanse of Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida, which has become so dry it actually caught fire a couple of weeks ago, a continent is crying out for water.

In the south-east, usually a lush, humid region, it is the driest few months since records began in 1895. California and Nevada, where burgeoning population centres co-exist with an often harsh, barren landscape, have seen less rain over the past year than at any time since 1924. The Sierra Nevada range, which straddles the two states, received only 27 per cent of its usual snowfall in winter..."

Oops. Link for June 11 2007 Independent article:


Why the gratuitous slap at Al Gore? Why the gratuitous slap at "enviro" groups. To borrow from Judy Miller, Al Gore is being proved fucking right. Gore and these "enviros" (I truly hate that term) are performing a heroic service, based on the state of the science.

On the clock: If you have read my posts from last summer, especially my review of Al Gore's movie, you will see that I am very concerned about climate change and very appreciative of what Gore has done to raise consciousness on the issue. It was not meant as a slam at him (or environmentalists, as I consider myself one; I was trying to interest the trolls who sometimes show up here when people post on climate issues.

The West begins not just at the 100th Meridian, but where the annual rainfall drops below 20 inches a year. The agriculture we have, including in California, depends overwhelmingly on irrigation. All of our urban areas depend on massive water projects conveying water hundreds of miles. Without water, we die. Rising sea levels are also going to be a great challenge on the West Coast.

The whole web of life is in danger of coming unraveled, not just in the West, but in the Southeast as well. And rising seal levels, and hurricanes, will net the Guld Coast even harder than the West Coast. Almost sounds like the Old Testament God is not pleased about something.

Through changes we made last summer, we cut our natural gas usage in half and can keep both it and electric below baseline pretty much all year, even in a hundred-year-old house. Driving is the main culprit for most people; luckily I am retired and only drive about 4500 miles a year. We switched to gas grilling to reduce pollution and have a backup in case of disaster, always a concern here. Recycling as much as possible, buying locally to the extent possible and minimizing things brought in that horrible plastic packaging are the current efforts. Everything helps.

at least george solved his "Katrina" problem

nobody's gonna say george bush fucked up the emegency response to a disaster that was predicted by satalite images

george made sure those pesky satalites ain't gonna cause him anymore problems

the weather satalite used to track hurricanes is about to fail, and there ain't no plan to replace it

how can you blame george for a disaster that nobody could have predicted (cuz george got rid of the satalites)

that's freeper logic for ya

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