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May 15, 2007



You are mistaken. It's not enough to use the "F" word. You would also have to be a Republican. We'll just call them the "F" Troop (not that there is anybody here old enough to get that joke).

EW: You are too overqualified to run and too articulate to win. And, Fuck Bush.

you're fucking kidding me. Think of poor, poor David Broder, whose virgin eyes you have now befouled! Won't someone think of the Broder?

here's a study on a cogSci blog about the relative offensiveness of various uncouth words. I was a little surprised by how it came out, and the author admits freely that his sample size is self-selecting and that the sample probably skewed the results. But pretty fucking interesting anyway.

You'd be great running the World Bank. At least you wouldn't consider setting up Mr. Emptywheel with a sweetheart deal including $200,000 tax-free income, guaranteed raises, etc etc.

'If they fuck me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too', naming several senior bank staff he felt were vulnerable.

Notice Wolfie is still sweet on Shaha, even after she retained a lawyer to get the deal. I wonder if the names Wolfie gave Mr. Coll were the same people who gave Mr. Coll the story. If Wolfie got that wrong, it shows how toxic the environment was. Ironic that Shaha, who may have been fucking Wolfie, got legal counsel to press for the best deal possible. Some would consider that fucking Wolfie. I wonder if he fucked her back... Fucking potty mouthed-neocons.


Remember the F troop tribe (that couldn't find its ass with two hands) who introduced themselves, "We the Fugoway (fug-ow-way)" It sounds very much like: Where the fuck are we? and therein lies the joke that eluded censors for the duration of the show.


Remember the F troop tribe (that couldn't find its ass with two hands) who introduced themselves, "We the Fugoway (fug-ow-way)" It sounds very much like: Where the fuck are we? and therein lies the joke that eluded censors for the duration of the show.

Reminiscent of Karl Rove, I'd say. F* them like they've never been f*d before. Or Nixon, for that matter, without the antisemitism.

No one is getting onto the question of Riza's security clearance. Why is that, EW?

True fact--I was almost fired once in Utah because I once said, to an IT guy who had brought the network down while I was working over the weekend on a million dollar proposal, "I don't give a fuck what you did or didn't do, get the network fucking working." He was particularly offended, he said, because "I had never heard words like that from a woman before."

Huh? Men in Utah say fuck but the women don't. Hmmmm. Potty-mouth Mormon men. I laugh when I think of the look on the dweeb's face when he heard a girl swear. I'm pissed when I think it almost cost you your job.

Do you think Mitt Roney ever says fuck? I bet his lovely wife never does... actually she was Episcopal before she was Mormon so there you go. Everybody knows Episcopalians swear like longshormen. By the way, don't believe the bullshit about Mitt turning a $3 billion state deficit into a surplus without raising taxes. First, he reduced state aid to cities and towns by $700 million. How do you think cities and towns replaced this revenue... which of course pays for public school educations? That's right, everybody in Massachuseets was treated to a dramatic increase in their real estate taxes. And did state taxes drop durng that period? No. So we were all treated to an increase in taxes but Mitt will lie to get elected. He also increased fees for all state managed licenses and fees but I guess he'll claim the fees are not taxes, so there you go. My private healthcare insurance cost $492 (single) monthly. It has increased about 25% per year over year, the last three years. Mitt pushed through legslation requiring health insurance for all Mass residents. It was supposed to reduce premiums for people aleady insured. We'll see... the jury is still out.

EW, If you weren't so good at what you do, they'd have had your ass for saying fuck to the dweeb who crashed the network while you were working weekends writing the proposal. Was auto-recover enabled on MS-word? Excel? or did you get to start from scratch?

EW Ilike this one alot and I could see you running in Ireland and it would have to be important to be able to say Fuck

So...what and where did Wolfie get info on the rest of the World Bank board, the better to fuck them with?

NSA transcripts?

BTW...do they really say "fuck" in Sligo, or "feck"?

Oh, "feck," definitely. But after 6 years of being told to "feck off" (in the most loving manner, you understand), I've acquired the habit myself. Heck, I might not have been fired in UT if I had just told the guy to feckoff. But then, the Jesusmaryandjoseph, also requisite Irish-speak, would have gotten me banned much earlier.

Free speech EW, including the word fuck; that, among other Constitutional niceties, is what we're working to protect here!

Oh shit, Jerry Falwell is dead.

Ockham’s Razor says yes there is bound to be someone around here who remembers F troop.

Wolfie and Cheney are F*** twins.

EW - do you think anything will come of Comey's testimony this morning...like maybe a Special Prosecutor? A girl can dream...

"Mr Wolfowitz said, 'If they fuck me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too'," naming several senior bank staff he felt were vulnerable."

Fuck you and Shaha, Wolfie! hahahahahahah Wouldn't it just be GREAT to see them ALL turn on one another? And, FUCK one another! (A Rove/Gannon daisy chain?) Oops....

Cheney said "Go Fuck Yersef" to Pat Leahy. And, as he and W and James Dobson and "the family" decide to bomb Iran..... They are saying "Go Fuck Yourselves" to the American people.....as well as to Iran.


(I'm not laughing any more....)

Yeah, Faldwell is dead. Probably heard about Wolfie saying 'fuck' and dropped dead on the spot. He won't be missed.

"I usually explain that I'm not very tactful"

The best reason in the world for you to run for Congress...

Whitehouse dropped his "tactful demeanor" and really tore em' a new one...

But since you clearly have more common sense than ego, and more intellect than attitude (well, that may be a f*%&#ng toss-up) I will acknowledge you could be even more effective in your ever-growing blogger role.

I would bet you already have much more influence on public opinion than you ever imagined. Your life as a cutting-edge blogger is proving quite fruitful, and politics is obviously a game you want to report on, not become involved in directly.

But if you ever do decide to run for office, you will have a built-in staff of free and willing advisors right here on "the blogs!"

EW, What's your opinion about Comey's testimony today?

I believe he omitted the initial problem: that he was fucking Shaha. Then she lawyered up, and now she's fucking him. So the World Bank, to get its money's worth, should fuck them both and demand a receipt.

EFW DFH 4 MI-15!


Hmm. How would that look against the Chairman?? Nah. UAW members dislike foul-mouthed women almost as much as Mormon IT guys.

So... how did Wolfie get that dirt to blackmail the senior officials with? From Riza?

And it IS blackmail when you threaten to expose other people's foibles like that to protect your ill-gotten gains. If these sweethearts were trying to shake down a nice retirement package, it would be extortion. If they were canoodling on government time or misusing resources such as travel allowances, I think a case for embezzlement might suggest itself. With what little we know, there is enough hot steaming shit that some sort of outside investigation is imperative. Perhaps the Europeans will prod their oversight committees before letting these officials have any more money.

I bet the truly obscene information is how much corruption is involved. However, the pundits will decry the language: "Oh, look a naughty word", while ignoring the activity.

This might explain why the scarediepants bankers haven't just fired both of them. Not just cowards, but corrupt cowards.

How much evidence will they require before somebody does the right thing!

And we still need to know how Riza got that security clearance. Who authorized it? Does any other foreign national of suspect background have such clearance? Was it a tit-for-tat arrangement?

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