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May 28, 2007


Bottom line, does this mean Waxman cannot continue with any oversight on this matter? With a continued pattern throughout government agencies of manipulation of information and staff for partisan purposes; as a taxpayer, I would prefer-in fact demand - that the People's tax dollars pay to have Waxman's House Government Reform Committee continue to investigate. There has to be a way for him to do so? "Slick" can work both ways... "Smart" should work for the truth... Just the simple "patterns" noted in the case should require HGRC to continue despite the SSCI should it not? I would like to know who penned the document... Perhaps "that" needs oversight and sunshine...

Great posts.

Off topic, it makes me NERVOUS to think you do not have a back up of your papers, EW.

What about having an offsite backup of all your paper files in say Washington, DC your second home? and maybe a portable digital file of the most important primary documents and books on a memory stick with USB connectivity?

Better yet, maybe TNH or FDL could sponsor a digital archive of primary documents accessible from any internet computer-- unless it violates newspaper/newsjournal/book copyrights.

Intelligence Committee oversight was paseed to a sub committee run by the Intelligence committee and changed to check on things like gifts, rather than earmarks and USAID covert CIA funding to NGOs run by people who have pals on the committees.

Fitz went to Harvard. Shays is from the area. Plame married a PC, covert USAID funding to groups like Mercy Corps in Afghanistan followed the special forces, like Green Berets, in Afghanistan. The money, like the special forces money, went to the Taliban. Chayes, also from Harvard, paid Taliban with that USAID funding. She is the only US citizen in Afghanistan to live there in a war zone(NATO) and train troops for working with the locals. She is also PC like Shays and Wilson. She is also a Harvard grad who's dad worked closely with Kennedy in the formation of the Green Berets and PC. He also worked on the assassination.

Once Fitz has been figured at Harvard, it's pretty obvious that he works on intelligence with people like Chayes. Even if she is not a covert agent like Plame, she is covered under the same five year laws, etc, and this may be done through DIA. So, he had an interest and bias towards Plame, rather than prosecuting a criminal conspiracy to committ murder that happened during his investigation.

The real answer is the funding fo rthe Afghanistan war through the intelligence committee and to friends. Fitz is one of those. He follows the las for agnets and informants, but passes on prosection becuase of the politics and funding to friends. What is really needed is oversight of the intelligence ocmmittees and funding through 'earmarks' checking which groups and which people ar ebeing funded.

(but then, what is Burton these days without Barbara Comstock???).

Comstock seems to be pulling more strings these days, behind the scenes, than anyone in DC but Rove. Which makes me wonder who might fit on the untimate "evil-spinmeistress" list, along with those two.

I have noticed, numerous times, that there are undoubtedly more eloquently evil hands and minds and keyboards behind these machiavelian machinations. It is just too smart for the doofus talking-head Republicans we actually see and hear from in Congress.

Baaahbs (like a goat, not a sheep) is one of those behind-the-scenes provocatuers whose chess-mistress fingerprints are all over everything. She and Toensing are surely a pair of wicked witches, whose influence is constant and pernicious and sometimes so harmful to our precious democracy that "there ought to be a law..." against these creeoy little covens of conspiratorial co-opters.

Just how do you measure the damage done by this small circle of power-hungry, purposeless witches and their satyrical (there's another new word) male-slave toadies?

Since their one benefactor seems at all times to be Corporate America, it is likely they fit neatly under the "love of money" umbrella that explains so much of their mysterious mutual motivations and manipulations.

Some conspiracies, like Greed itself, never need a meeting-place and a calendar date, they are always abiding in our weaknesses...

while your shopping,

check out replacements for kerry, kennedy, biden, feinstein, to mention a few others.

i tired of all these old democratic farts who lack the energy to exercise PUBLIC leadership by making public statements about about issues critical to this country.

these folks have been in power too long and in the senate way too long.

normally experience should be a wonderful thing,

but "effective in committee sessions" is not what this country needs right now.

The Democrats keep bringing salad forks to a knife fight. There is a place for genteel behavior, just as Sam Ervin found a place to be just a "small-town country lawyer". And Miss Marple was just that nice old lady next door; never mind that she saw you do it, she'll forget about it be tea. Right.

Democrats need to rethink their game in a big way, and long before Nov '08. How 'bout they go looking for a couple dozen Artur Davises and Sheldon Whitehouses in their midst, and have them do the heavy lifting. Because most of the people they have carrying their water seem to have trouble with anything bigger than a dixie cup.

I see that no one is yet able to muster a defense of the Wilson-Plame-Rove affair after new disclosure's of Valerie Plame's letter.


Not really surprised.

Say this for DiFi--she was willing to call the Committee on its lcak of conclusions, see Marcy's previous post.

Gloria Borger evidently said on Matthews' Sunday show that the new lobbying rules passed by the House will prompt resignations by members who can't live in DC without lobbyist largesse. Please, please, please!

Of course money isn't jay Rockefeller's problem. He is, if not genteel, then just plain weak. The R's play for keeps, the Dems play for applause. And not very well, at that.

Here's another reason to suspect Jay Rockefeller's backbone:
His uncle David, current patriarch of the Rockefeller family. David Rockefeller is a New World Order guy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Rockefeller). He's not all that fond of Democracy, and favors a more elitist fascism. Most of the Rockefellers are Republicans. Jay is better than Pat Roberts, but I sure would like to see a more assertive chair, like emptywheel.

Bob in HI

Thanks for making time to take an initial swipe at the SSCI report.
I found Bond to be a sad and irrelevant person repeating Cheney's nepotism line again and again while whining simultaneously about rehashing the mistakes that lead us into Iraq which happened while he was committee chair.
"Why can't we put my horrible mistakes behind us"?
He can't actually touch the real issues of faulty intelligence or Valerie's outing, he can only strike at the periphery.
Bond wants to reinterview? BRING IT ON!!!!

e of h

"salad forks to a knife fight"

i like that:

i like it so much i'm going to use it myself in the future.


my comments weren't made from sound knowledge of these folks overall record. they do their job.

my comments were made from tremendous frustration that the national democrats will not create and sustain an attack on bush's war/security/i-care-for-the-troops rhetoric.

to my mind there is just no excuse for these well-established national democratic politicians sitting on their butts and letting george bush hoodwink the media and pander to the noisy but small republican "base".

lots of caution; no damned guts.

Could you elaborate on your post? Especially this:
"Chayes, also from Harvard, paid Taliban with that USAID funding". From whatever I have read of her writing, I find this hard to believe.

Hey Jodi,

Did you read the column, before you referenced Byron York's trash?

Obviously, not!

Ron Russell,

I read the letter.
I read EW's reaction, about it being so clever, so diabolical, so, so much, ..., ... I have never seen her do double takes so much.
And then "not just Rockefeller, but Waxman, too, got rolled"
Then I see EW stalling and bunkering down talking about needing materials, when she is probably the single greatest authority on the Plame case in the left hand side of "sideral space."

Since then, I have perused JOM as well.

It seems to me that there are problems in Wilson-Plame land.

But I wait to be illuminated and confounded!

Is this 'Other Views' BS what led Rockefeller to release on the Friday before a holiday weekend? That's so far beyond lame that there had to be a reason...

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