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May 14, 2007


Yeah. Good points. I notice the MSM is ignoring all this.
I'm a reasonable, analytical, conscientious type so when I say that I still wonder about, and have not ruled out, the WH role in 9/11, I am not coming from the 'far' left. If more people searched through the information, examined behavior of those in positions of authority, I think they'd be wondering also.
Top of the mornin' from one of your fans.

Thanks! Issues include Rudy's decision to locate the command center in the WTC (and not Brooklyn) even after the 1993 WTC bombing because he wantred it within walking distance of city hall.

Bad decision.

Well sure, but he kept NYC safe from ferrets.

To this day, ferrets have been kept out of city hall thanks to the bravery of Rudy G. Weasels, otoh, are a different story. we don't have the same track record there (see B Kerik).

anyone remember Rudy wanting to delay/postpone elections after 9/11 so he could stay mayor?

Yeah DemFromCT, I remember briefly reading about that and IIRC, as usual, the press pretty much ignored it.
That's what worries me about the next election. It's so completely obvious that Bush&Co are wrapped up in old newspaper and put out on the curb for the trucks to pick up that I (and most of us around here) wonder what's up their sleeves that would enable them to declare a state of emergency and "postpone" elections. If whatever they cook up is exciting enough, the press might be so busy covering the fireworks and Dire Threat that they wouldn't bother to cover the finer points of martial law.
OK, Mark, enough paranoia, back to work!

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