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May 02, 2007


ask Michael Elston to define OPA

an appearance again, or would a letter do?

And doesn't this suggest someone suborned false testimony to Congress?

Precisely my point, Mimikatz. I think Rove has the pull to do that. I doubt Scolinos does.

new McClatchy story out -- Leahy has issued a subpoena for Rove's emails.

Money quote from the story:

"Lawmakers believe the Justice Department has custody of many Rove e-mails through an unrelated investigation into whether anyone in the Bush administration leaked a CIA agent’s identity after her husband disputed pre-war intelligence claims.

"Rove was never charged in that case, but came under scrutiny by the special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, who is the U.S. Attorney in Chicago. Fitzgerald subpoenaed Rove’s e-mail records."

Is Pat, or someone on the committee staff, a lurker here? Or does karma just make everything converge all by itself?

I understood you meant Rove. My point is that it is a criminal offense to have done so.

Now I understand why this all heated up right after the Libby verdict. Of course Pat Fitz and Comey must have known about the USA firings all along (as per EW's helpful time line), and when Fitz got his hands on the emails, they knew they had the goods on Rove. The question was just how that info could be revealed without violating GJ secrecy.

Enter Congress and the USA scandal. I wouldn't be surprised if some of Fitz's investigators have been working hand and glove with investigators from both Judiciary committees and Waxman's oversight committee in order that these emails see the light of day.

Heh, Fitz was going to nail Rove one way or the other. I think this time, the charges might even be more serious. How delicious would it be if this was Fitz's intention all along. Or, it could just be karma.

I found the file that should be associated with the broken link in the 4/27 dump. The link on the House Judiciary list file DOJ Document Set 9 Released 4/27/07 does not link properly. The link seeks OAG1558-1626. This file does not exist. OLA1588-1626.pdf may be found at this address.


I would rather have Mr Fitzgerald working within the guidelines and limits of the law, even if it doesn't yield instant gratification. He did say that he'd share what he'd learned with Congress, or continue the investigation if new information was uncovered.

He must have known that with this much wrong-doing and these many incompetant hacks, that it wouldn't be all that long before another bone to investigate rose to the surface of the swamp. Rove and Cheney might know where the bodies are buried, but they didn't hire competant grave-diggers to bury them.

If Fitzgerald's team had even some of the emails from the RNC servers, they had enough to indicate wide-spread malfeasance... the sort that falls under Congressional purview. Was that belated batch of 250 pages from the RNC server accounts?

If Waxman took him to lunch, I bet his coffee got cold during the discussion. ;^)

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