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May 11, 2007


may he be the first in a long line of people busting Rove, eh?

EW: in the portion of the released transcript you reproduce above, the first and second questions are identical. This is a transcription error on your part. The first question should read:

"Q And this was you think around Thanksgiving of '06?"

Thanks Cymro.

i'm guessing - and actually hoping - that these various committees are being very careful about what they reveal and when. it would make sense to me that, if they have incriminating goods on goodling through these interviews, they would not reveal what they have before she testifies. why give her the chance to build a rebuttal when they can try to catch her off-guard?

one instance in which it's not necessarily a good thing to show all their cards to the public.

These investigations are going to get interesting now that a judge has apparently approved Monica's immunity. Is she going to fall on her sword ala Ollie North or is she going to CYA?

Maybe the congressional investigators have some evidence that they are not sharing yet. They have so much to work with considering all the stories specially Waas's articles.

I wonder what happens if there is tangible evidence of obstruction of justice and other crimes? Can congress appoint a special prosecutor?

Considering all the effort to gum up the investigation and AbuG as Zen Master (from Laura Rozen) will investigators get the break through they need?

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