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May 30, 2007


Isikoff probably forgot because it just was not significant to him.

In this whole world of "spin" and half-truths, I sincerely hope that Scooter sees the inside of a cell for a long time. I think Fitz is laying the groundwork for that to happen -- and I have to wonder if he is laying the groundwork for a surprise of some sort that may involve the VP. One can only hope...

Mr. Isikoff will show that, in the constant rush of more pressing matters, any errors he made in his articles, months after the book's publication, were the result of confusion, mistake, or faulty memory, rather than a willful intent to deceive.

This is an excellent example of the press narrative at work. In D.C., reality is determined by the consensus of the ruling class without regard to facts. The "reality" of Valerie Plame Wilson's covert status can't be established by Isikoff and Corn (or the CIA or DOJ for that matter), but only when it is accepted by the Washington elite.

I wouldn't be surprised if Toensing and crew stay in denial that Isikoff would end of writing that her covert status is "disputed". Those are the rules.

Marcy, what is it with Isikoff? He never can really get it right. And it burns me that KO has him on with some frequency.

He can't be that stupid, can he? On the other hand, has he "sold out"? Is this just his feeble attempt to appear "fair and balanced," so he can keep receiving invitations to the cocktail weenie circuit?


Sheesh! I'm getting whiplash from shaking my head at the latest "news" that V. Plame Wilson was covert. And Bond (not James) wants her back before the Senate because he says SHE'S being disingenuous (http://washingtontimes.com/upi/20070530-102731-6963)!. Crikey! And people who should know better, like Kevin Drum (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/05/29/politics/animal/main2865777.shtml) and the NYT, which comes out with this unbelievable ignorance of the truth: "Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, could have easily cleared up the confusion during his more than two years of prosecuting the case, but he waited until now" (http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/05/30/valerie-plame-covert-indeed/). I confess. I'm not surprised. But I am really disappointed, as always, with the traditional media. Stenographers, all of them! Half-wits! Dim-wits! Nit-wits! I stand by yesterday's 18:04 comment (http://thenexthurrah.typepad.com/the_next_hurrah/2007/05/the_wilson_ssci_1.html). And it gets clearer every day. Bond is still going on about whether or not V. Plame Wilson "sent" her husband on the mission. They're still trying to paint Ambassador Wilson as a momma's boy, like the schoolyard bullies they all are.
Can you say, "fed up?"

maybe Isikof is just making it up as he goes along

kinda like shitstain jodi does

"the other Administration leakers did not leak intentionally" = "they didn't mean to do it"

Yeesh. Did Isikoff's puppetmasters so enjoy the success of Goodling's little girl "didn't mean to do it" routine last week that they decided to deploy it more broadly?

I can hear it now:

"I didn't meant to start a war."
"We didn't mean to go trillions into debt."
"I didn't mean to torture people or spy on citizens."
"We didn't mean to out a covert operative. Really."

I suppose this is what is new to Isikoff -- a new apologia, spun around the shiny object in the validation of Plame's status.

Just remember Izzy used to write for the Washington Star along with a number of the other beltway pundit/reports who trashed Clinton and still like the bushies. These guys include the likes for Howie Kurtz, Mo Dowd, and Fred Hiatt have a lot to do with creating national memes and are deeply seeded into the MSM.

I don't know what David Corn thinks on this subject but partnering with someone as dubious as Izzy made me cringe, but he was also buddies with Viveca Novak so go figure.

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