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May 12, 2007


dmsilev points to this red state post: The End Of Rudy

Ick, Dem, that's a Ben Domenich post. It's barely English.

Guiliani has more problems than this. He's lost Iowa, and perhaps a major swath of the heartland.


By trying to apply the wrong message with the wrong "set of props", his campaign made more of a misstep than most GOPers, as well as highlighting the way they use people as comestibles. If one army unit or aircraft carrier or tractor factory is like another, one farm family is like another, too? Wrong. The way the VonSpreckens were treated and disposed of was despicable. Deb may be a loyal true-believing Republican, but she didn't deserve being thrown back in the drawer like the wrong tool.

Even New Yorkers ought to know that people are individuals!

Iowa may have gone red last time, but I think enough of the Democratic contenders will swing through, listen to concerns, and appreciate the hard work and heartland values and NICENESS to be found here. Mega-millionaires may fuel a campaign, but these people are voters.

I still think that once the press does a google on Alan Placa, Rudy's life long friend and Business Partner post 2001, and reads through something like the Grand Jury Report on Priestly Pedophilia on Long Island, Abortion will be joined by Pedophilia on the campaign trail.

Personally I'm most interested in Giuliani's candidacy as a means of discouraging Bloomberg from entering (I just can't see two NYC mayors competing successfully for resources).

And while everyone thinks I'm a loon for considering a Bloomberg candidacy something to worry about, he's re-launched his campaign website:

Late yesterday [Wednesday] afternoon, Mr. Bloomberg announced that he was dusting off his old campaign Web site...

The site prominently features recent media coverage of his presidential prospects, and the overall effect, whether part of an actual campaign strategy or simply a means to heighten speculation about one, is to present the mayor as a champion of practical, nonpartisan solutions to vexing policy issues.

“It looks to me like the precursor of an independent bid for the presidency,” said George Arzt, a consultant and veteran of city politics.

I run on the theory that very little about Bloomberg appears in the NYT that Bloomberg hasn't put there so the existence of this article, to me, indicates he wants to keep the fires burning, either as an independent bid or as a campaign for VP.

A third-party campaign run by a billionaire businessman has precedent. And I've already speculated loonily that Bloomberg would help electorally as VP -- for either party.

The guy who is going to run said "call me in September."

Jodi, who would that be? Newtie? Not likely.

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Hi boys!

People are too strict on other people

One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential.
Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency.

One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential.
Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency.

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