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May 27, 2007


Speaking of mutating viruses, the Creation Museum opens tomorrow. Who's going with me?

DemfromCT, thanks again, I always learn so much from your eminently readable posts.

emptypockets, mjs has a great post over at Jesus' General entitled:
"Mo' Betaphysics," that debunks Intelligent Design much as you did.
The current post at the General's is by Austin Cline. "Mo' Betaphysics" is right below Austin's.

is there an underlying cause? perhaps we can reverse engineer the situation for just a moment. we have had epidemics before. swine flu, bird flu. and where do these pandemics present? where we collect such animals for slaughter and consumption? so if we didn't eat them and farm them, this might not be an issue we could blame on the creatures? as a result of "priorities", we seem unable to do anything but react. And the poisons we feed these animals to make them "healthier" to eat? my, but we seem to compromise on so many levels. couldn't be us that caused these issues with our manipulation?

ignore reality and the cause long enough and search for a fix. it is the human way of rationalizing their bad choices. evolution will cure such ignorance. or should I go out on a limb and describe it as stupidity rather than ignorance? it seems even as scientists we are a silly lot. rule out that which can't be proven, and then consider drawing conclusions to then rule out if possible. what would our silly club do if we acted rationally and followed the science instead of our stomachs?

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