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May 26, 2007


Doan will be sacrificed, but she is a (minor) danger to Karl Rove's operation.

She's very much on the record for having no memory, so should her memory come back, she'd certainly be in danger of having lied to Congress.

That said, if she can return with something real meaty on Rove (threats, promises, payments or otherwise) should her memory return, now that might be interesting.

See this and this.

"false lawyer outrage:

Is there really ever any other kind of lawyer outrage?

Kind of like "lawyer tears", has there ever really been any that weren't patently "false?"

Politicians, too.

Boehner's blubbering is just one good example.

One of the abiding factors in all this is that each of these over-strong women (add Palouse to that list) were despised almost immediately by the experienced professionals they so carelessly and despotically "oversaw."

Just how many "designated office bitches" did this administration install, as part of their patent politicization process? And why is it they all seem to share this meaqn-lady "unlikability" factor, what does that say about the Republicans and their management skills as a whole?

Brings to mind Michael Moore's description of Republicans in general, his childhood memories recalled them all as "mean, old businessmen." Nowadays, add "mean old businesswomen" to the mix and it's a whole picture.

True, Ann Coulter and Tweety are lawyers (or at least have their law degrees), like David Addington and Lil' Scooter. But Christy Hardin Smith is a lawyer, as is Glenn Greenwald and lots of other columnists and bloggers. Just as there are a few doctors who help the poor, some stock brokers and car salesmen who tell the truth, and government administrators whoh really are there to help.

What separates them from many of their peers is that they retain their humanity, their honesty and integrity, and their lack of ruthless triumphal selfishness. The very attributes that get you fired when working for George Bush.

"The very attributes that get you fired when working for George Bush."

Nothing gets you fired when you work for George Bush.

Come on white girl - get it right. It should be "I LOVES me some false lawyer outrage"

Nothing except going public with disagreements. See Eric Shinseki, Paul O'Neill and Larry Lindsey, among others.

Well, I have a legislative cure all solution. Let's require that along with the background check, Political Appointees be required to be assessed by a qualified memory-expert psychologist for memory retention in the high normal range before their appointments are confirmed.

What I can't understand is where Bush found all these totally forgetful people to appoint to office. Did his talent search involve looking for early onset dementia? How do they remember to go to work, can they find their house and car keys, can they remember where they parked when visiting a mall?

Yeah, Sara there's a point at which all this I can't remember BS get absurd. Perhaps they've simply forgotten that we have 150,000 guys occupying Iraq at the moment? I used to advocate for people with metal imparements, and I can tell you that you'd have to have an IQ under about 85 to remember as little as these people do. And I'm not joking here. Clearly, lying is an honored Republican Value, they might as well put it in the platform. Oh, hang on that would be truthful. Nevermind.

Humanity, honesty, integrity, and not being a selfish petard will get you fired by Geo. Bush. Nothing will get your career thrown down a rat hole faster than knowing more than your neocon boss, or being right about something the administration doesn't want anyone to know about. How do you suppose Monica, for example, had all those empty slots to fill? "Normal" attrition? And that's just one department.

Can anyone please explain if -- or why or why not -- a violation of the Hatch Act would only be punishable by termination by POTUS, not some sort of legal (criminal or civil) consequences, e.g, jail time or fine?

It sure seems like We The People have some interest here. Just askin'.

Cookies, anyone?

Over at TPM they're saying that the DoJ is having trouble filling its empty USA slots. I can't imagine why ... (/snark)

Subpoena Scott Jennings and Sara Taylor (she who cleared out her desk last weekend). Political ops giving 28 EPA briefings? Somebody must have a record of what was said. Maybe they would give up Doan, Jennings, and Taylor?

Twenty-Eight EPA Appointees Attended Briefing At White House in July 2006. “Twenty-eight political appointees at the Environmental Protection Agency attended such a briefing last July 17 at the White House executive office complex, and an unknown number attended one at those offices the following month, according to EPA spokeswoman Jennifer Wood. She said that Jennings gave the presentation at the first meeting and that Sara M. Taylor, who directs the White House Office of Political Affairs, gave the second one.” [Washington Post, 4/26/07] Scroll down to the article at this link http://thinkprogress.org/rove-empire/

Jennings needs to be put in front of Waxman or Leahy. Or ideally both.

He's Rove's little helper, and the Rove-Goodling-Sampson triangle needs completing.

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