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May 01, 2007


curiouser and curiouser

was any of this bogus information submitted with a signature included under the standard description of the penalties for perjury ???

or do these lies fall under the jurisdiction of section 1001 of title 18 ???

I get that they wanted to shut down the "Indian thing" at the DoJ to get Abramoff et al off the radar [see this]. But your posts [and others] imply they had more than just that in mind for the Native Americans. What do you think Rove/DoJ were up to? It's not that I don't believe, I just haven't caught that wave yet.

This shit's getting pretty damned deep. My only concern is that this mess starts getting "too complicated" for coverage by our smiling hair-in-perfect-place anchor people. Producers have a low regard for the intelligence of the viewing public. I think they're wrong, but there it is.

Now the DC Madam, that's "good" news---all media will be drooling over that all weekend, it's a simple story and the public can visualize naked women in fantasy role play with government officials at $300 an hour. Sweeps week, too, isn't that convenient?

Yesterday we pretty extensively discussed gambling, resource issues and the Cobell settlement, although EW hasn't fully tipped her hand on this.

Good thing you have a copy of that CV, EW. Comparing that document against the DOI profile is quite interesting.

And I haven't given up on the oddity of 'shareholder' versus 'partner'. Eid made a point of using that particular word for a specific reason on his own CV; that's not just fluff by a reporter. If Abramoff was an employee and/or partner in GT but not a shareholder, Eid may have had the greater fiduciary responsibility and dotted-line if not direct oversight. As a shareholder he may have been in a position to shape company strategy more so than the many partners. Which makes me wonder: would financials have to be disclosed as part of vetting? How long would it take to acquire GT shares -- and how long to spin them off?

And who in the FBI did the so-called deep background checks as part of the vetting? Somebody without access to teh Google??


There are several reasons why BushCO doesn't want NAs to have a fair shake at justice:

1) The US stands to pay $200 billion in the Cobell lawsuit, basically more than a year of Iraq war payments, for the cheating we've done in the past. They'd like to make sure no one at DOJ stands in the way of an unfair settlement.

2) The US has been cheating NAs out of royalties for things like natural gas for some time, so they'd like some people who are experts at winning resource rights from NAs rather than experts at making sure they get full value in place.

3) The GOP has made a concerted effort to infiltrate the NA community through their gambling programs, both as a way to place compliant leaders in place, to control where new power cetners arise, to get some of the money (and possibly to use the casinos to launder money). They need to hide their Abramoff tracks from the past, but also keep the gig going. So again, compliant folks at DOJ.

4) There are a number of other resource issues--basically the GOP finds it inconvenient that tribes own some key real estate in this country, particularly related to water and energy rights, and they'd like to continue to treat NAs the same way Republicans always treat people of color, rather than having to negotiate fairly.

It's the same thing we've been doing for 400 years, only this time, they're using newfangled financial schemes to do it.


That's okay. Let the DC madam take some people down, by the time that simmers down, this will be ready to boil again.

The author of the capecodonline is Sean Gonsalves


The author reports that the documents were obtained from the Bureau of Indian Affairs on a FOI.

Maybe this author would fax someone a copy of the original document referring to Eid.

It might be very interesting to FOI the BIA for anything else from Eid.

There are several reasons why BushCO doesn't want NAs to have a fair shake at justice:

Thanks! I'm surfin' now...

EW - It is really interesting, and I think good, to get the take of locals who have their eye on individual threads on the USA mess. Mbw is superb. Diane Silver is doing some good stuff, and has a newspaper/journalism background, on the Kansas and Missouri issues. She writes at Watching Those We Chose. Here is url for one of her pieces http://proctoringcongress.blogspot.com/2007/05/putting-us-attorney-scandal-into.html

Thanks for the link, bmaz.

Rayne and I are from MI--and that fuels some, but not all, of my curiosity on this issue. But you're right, the folks on the ground are the ones who put it into day-to-day context.

Glad I have some readers from AZ, while we're talking about it.

It is I who owe you the thanks. It is the legal and Constitutional issues that get my interest and you constantly are involved in them and have an incredible aptitude for marshalling detailed facts that make my thought processes possible. By the way, I am trying to get Paul to go to lunch and have a chat.

Okay, I'm settled into my hotel room in Marina del Rey now. What did I miss?

Just so as to keep those on this comment thread in the loop, dKos commenter Magnifico found this absolutely amazing gem from October, 2005:

Pipeline deal unlikely El Paso Natural Gas, Navajo Nation in stalemate on lease as deadline nears

By Kathy Helms
Diné Bureau

WINDOW ROCK — A pipeline right-of-way agreement between the Navajo Nation and El Paso Natural Gas is set to expire at midnight with negotiators for both sides still hundreds of millions of dollars apart on the value of the 20-year lease.

Following an executive-session status briefing Thursday before the Resources Committee, Chairman George Arthur said El Paso has made an offer on a time extension; however, "We haven't talked with them in respect to any dollar value. In fact, we're not interested at this point in time to give them any extension."

El Paso attorneys Christopher Castillo of Colorado Springs and Troy Eid of Greenberg Traurig LLP in Denver attended Thursday's meeting in hopes of presenting their side but were booted out of the executive session for several hours along with the rest of the public. Chairman Arthur and Delegate Larry Noble voted against the executive session.

The whole Gallup Independent article is really great as background on the dispute, which has the potential to make lots of energy companies richer and lots of Indians poor, and tribes much less "sovereign" over their own land and resources.

So now it's clear to me why it was so important to get Eid in, even with his potential Abramoff taint. Time to take a closer look at other Western replacement USAs.

Heh heh. Small world. I have dealt with Chris Castillo before. Can't say about El Paso NG, but Castillo was both pleasant, honorable and a square shooter in my case.


The replacements for Charlton and Iglesias are either FUSAs or CRM heads--so they're probably not fully loaded partisans like Eid. Note, though, that Domenici also didn't get his choice for USA (even though he tried Peter Fitzgerald's trick of doing a press conference to name his choices). So whoever BushCo would LIKE has to be pretty bad.

Here's an interesting GT bio on Eid that I dug up in archive.org.:

"Troy Eid specializes in land use and environmental law, governmental affairs, and public law, including practice before local, state, tribal and federal administrative and regulatory agencies.

Troy served as lead counsel in representing one of the world's largest corporations in a national enforcement action by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency alleging violations of the storm water provisions of the Clean Water Act at multiple construction sites across the country. Troy also has represented public and private employers in complex negotiations with various Indian Tribes and the federal government."


EW, thanks for clarifying something I have never fully understood -- that is, why Abramoff seemed to specialize in fleecing Native American tribes. I'm also wondering whether Abramoff's activities date back to Cheney's Energy Task Force. I have always thought that that Task Force was all about getting their hands on Iraq's oil. Now I'm wondering whether they had a domestic agenda as well, in terms of taking advantage of resources controlled by Native Americans. From your description it appears that Abramoff was the conduit of money to keep compliant legislators and Native authorities in place, while the WH would stack the deck at DoJ to keep them from pursuing any wrongdoing, while Cheney and his pals raked in the profits across the board, while Rove developed and maintained his Permanent Repbulican Majority to keep this well oiled machine running in perpetuity. I'm finally starting to see how the puzzle pieces connect -- thank you.


Oh, Abramoff was definitely involved in the Task Force--he was on the transition team for DOI, which had him in place to do this stuff from the start.

A different way to think of Cheney's Task Force is as a strategy session to 1) reinforce the current basis for global hegemony (access to cheap energy supplies) and 2) sustain that even though that basis is unsustainable (bc of peak oil). Part of the strategy had to do with wresting control of reserves out of state-owned companies, which the Iraq war might have accomplished on several levels (by weakening OPEC and providing a replacement for Saudi Arabia as the swing producer). And part of the strategy had to do with sucking out all the cheap supplies in the US, by legal or illegal means. Since so much of the supplies are in Native Amercan hands, and since it's so fun (if you're a corrupt Republican) to screw over brown people, Native Americans were a huge part of the strategy.

EW, thanks again! I knew you would know the connection to the Task Force. I'm so glad you are sorting all of this out for those of us who can barely keep up...

Thanks for yet another great post, EW!

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