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May 07, 2007


First, there's the Republican perspective, akin to that of a tax accountant: don't do anything that will set off a red flag.
Humph. How 'bout don't do anything wrong? Like these guys need a seminar to know the difference between right and wrong. I'd love the MBA count in the room. Greater than 60%, I'm guessing.

I'm first?!

I may need a new acronym for "Laughing and Crying At the Same Time." LACATST might do it.

is this another grad from regency law school and small engine repair ???

And what to do if you do get a subpoena?

"Go to church," [head of Holland & Knight's government section] Sikorski said.

give your heart to Jesus, because your ass belongs to the government now ???

he shoulda said "Hire a lawyer from a REAL law school"

Well check this out, a 2004 article about introducing the teaching of ethics at Harvard B-school.

""Few people entering MBA programs have a solid understanding of these responsibilities, let alone a framework for making decisions when multiple responsibilities are in play."


"Harvard Business School's faculty has long focused on the School's role in the ethical development of its students. In the book Can Ethics Be Taught? (Harvard Business School Press, 1993), Professor Thomas R. Piper noted that some skeptics argue that it is "too late" for young men and women in their twenties or thirties to wrestle with value conflicts in business school."

Certainly been my experience. You either 'get' ethics when you enter the workplace or you never get it. I've worked with wonderfully moral MBA's and a LOT of MBA's that would steal their grandmother blind if it meant more stock options or a VP title.

And I've noticed that teaching ethics to adults is mostly about the penalties if you get yourself or your company caught. Not "this is right, this is wrong".

OK, back to work!

Is Commerce in line for an investigation, too? Seems I read last week some folks there are dirty, too. We definitely need a Scandal Czar herding up all the crooks and liars.

"is this another grad from regency law school and small engine repair"


I'm with John Casper, that quote is an absolute classic.

"is this another grad from regency law school and small engine repair"???

I object on the grounds that this is extremely unkind to mechanics everywhere ;-))

My partner teaches ethics to freshmen at a Jesuit university where many (most?) of the students will be getting a business degree. They come in as little Machiavellis -- she tries, with moderate success, to turn them out of this required course with a slightly more complex set of tools to consider.

It's the whole culture we're up against here -- unless intervention occurs, they already are off on a scary track.

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