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April 16, 2007


Shorter Henry: tough shit. We're asking for emails that are evidence of potentially illegal activity. You don't get to hide those emails just because there are so damn many of them.

Exactly so.

There shouldn't be that many e-mails to turn over, unless they're violating the Hatch Act (and probably others as well).

Go, Henry, go!

the Hatch Act is gonna burn a lot of repuglicans. the poor doan woman is meat on the plate for a special prosecutor

is being an immunized witness in a criminal trial a reason for disbarment ???

and on another topic, did gonzo cough up the documents yet ???

I bet gonzo is gonna say "I didn't know congress was open for business on mondays" or some other batshit insane excuse

any takers ???

"the use of federal agencies or resources to help Republican candidates."

That include DOJ. So the RNC must provide mails from any accounts they run for DOJ staffers. That is separate from the calls for RNC mails from WH staffers, eh?


There is no evidence that DOJ staffers got RNC email accounts. They got stuck using yahoo (Tasia Scolinas) or gmail (Michael Beck).

Only the high-class White House criminals get to use RNC email accounts. It's a status thing.

William Ockham

well the highest class guy of all Mr Rove had his own domain as well.

... just like me, and many others, the internet astutes.


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