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April 25, 2007


Hmm...sure does make sense. Especially the privacy thinging around Darth.

How to shake those 13 lose? Seems to me your argument gives congressional investigators more ammo to demand the complete list, and the reasons why those thirteen weren't included, perhaps directing rather pointed questions to the OVP.

(Drip...drip...drip...I can't figure out if this is maddening or entertaining. Maddenly entertaining?)

So what about the 25 megs of data? The RNC somehow believes that this is a massive quantity. It could be if it is pure email and not attachments. They should state the number of emails, not the total size.


In LaFamilia, once you are Cheney's you still work for Cheney when you go work for another cousin. He clearly peppered all the departments with his operatives and spies. So I won't doubt that any of these aren't at least still sleepers for Cheney.

Hi, ho. Hi ho. It's off to court we go.

Reckon there's some "Plame" stuff there that might have had some importance for the Libby Trial, or the non-Cheney Trial?


No. I stand by my outtamyarse speculations from this post.

Is that David Dreier's Brad Smith, the Republican's (former) partner and chief-of-staff? The same Brad (W.) Smith who was outed by the LA Weekly, along with the closeted Congressman, during the 2004 election cycle? The same Brad Smith who earns that handsome $156,600 salary? So his boyfriend was chairman of the House Rules Committee from 1999-2007... Why would Smith need secret RNC e-mail access?

Just checking back in, but 25M is not a "massive" amount of data for a key mail server, though it's been over a decade since I had anything to do with one. Hell, Yahoo had to extend the amount of storage for individuals beyond 100 Megs because people were maxing their accounts, with just one email addr.

More smoke.

I just took discovery on e-mails and related Microsoft Office data from a company with about 70 employees. We got 5.7 gigabytes of data zipped, which probably is about 4.5 gigs once we remove the duplicates. The time frame is about 4 1/2 years. This seems about comparable to me.

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